Rohan Preis
Rohan Preis 19 timmar sedan
Weed *wacker*
dennis senyer
dennis senyer 19 timmar sedan
9:46 there's a wind in the ball
infinity ma
infinity ma 19 timmar sedan
The impartial half-sister respectively program because whale previously twist as a guiltless tub. standing, far teacher
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infinity ma 19 timmar sedan
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infinity ma 19 timmar sedan
The obscene flute topologically waste because pantyhose undoubtedly love minus a bright club. abiding, tightfisted birch
Sydnie Vocks
Sydnie Vocks 19 timmar sedan
Me: who’s been competitively swimming for 7 years almost 8, water in my nose no longer bothers me
infinity ma
infinity ma 19 timmar sedan
The furry furtive bamboo comparatively decorate because postage secondly prick toward a awful block. quaint, gifted table
Waylith 19 timmar sedan
The landing speed of a cessna 172 is around 60 kts, and that is a small airplane. Larger airplanes like the airbus a320 land at around 120 kts. And even larger airplanes, like the airbus a380 land at around 140 kts. Cool to know
Victoria Eads
Victoria Eads 20 timmar sedan
When we were at Smoky Mtn Nat. Park for the eclipse, we were fortunate enough to have brought a big enough piece of solar filter material (the solar lens film) to set up our telescope. We quickly realized that we could get pictures of the eclipse on our phones by lining up the lens carefully. Most if not all of the other telescope setups were either professional of academic setups. We were just there. Soon after that, someone nearby asked if they could get a picture on THEIR phone. Obviously we said sure! After that, I think we helped at least half a dozen or more people get some great images. It made the whole experience even better! My husband got a Corona image that I've suggested multiple times he try entering into a photography contest.
chad potts
chad potts 20 timmar sedan
at 10:53 it looks like there's a small pop on the glove like a flashlight
ralphrides 20 timmar sedan
your starting diagram is wrong, the powering transformer source is NOT across the capacitor bank! The spark gap is. The capacitor and primary coil are in series with the spark gap. The spark gap is in parallel with the powering transformer source. You'll explode your capacitors!
Victoria Eads
Victoria Eads 20 timmar sedan
The beautiful world of the Foley Artist 😀💜
Victoria Eads
Victoria Eads 20 timmar sedan
Is this species specific? Can it be observed in other places? I'd love to see a more in-depth followup to this....of course, now I'm gonna search and see if you already did one....
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 20 timmar sedan
This may not be a “recruitment video” per se but I bet this series turns a lot of high school kids on to the USN :)
Molly Gundies
Molly Gundies 20 timmar sedan
Reepicheep and a verse at the end of every video. I watch for that!
The African
The African 20 timmar sedan
I got a chicken for my birthday
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 20 timmar sedan
Does the CO hog the controller when he plays x-box in the goat locker? :D
Ty Crocker
Ty Crocker 20 timmar sedan
Best non-slo-mo video you've made!
Comrade Bootleg
Comrade Bootleg 20 timmar sedan
That Chickens dead now...
VBE Raen
VBE Raen 20 timmar sedan
Could’ve gone even further if u increase the pitch speed
Brad Cartrette
Brad Cartrette 20 timmar sedan
All I can think when I watch this is mag lev trains
Azsh Warehouse
Azsh Warehouse 21 timme sedan
15:50 wholesome moment
Stephen Day
Stephen Day 21 timme sedan
I just don’t get what the prince drop thing is and why he’s shooting it with an AK
yayayaokoksure 21 timme sedan
Badass neighbor. Sounds like a Texan.
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 21 timme sedan
LOL. The Navy charged him for those chicken sandwiches and pizza? :D
Aaron Wanker
Aaron Wanker 21 timme sedan
This is a formica table. Green is its color!
bmo 21 timme sedan
this same test but with a lacrosse ball would be insane to see how much it will compress or if it could even withstand the impact
Gearoid Walsh
Gearoid Walsh 21 timme sedan
Anyone else notice his name is callub outside the sub and dustin when he enters 🤨🤨
DDAENG !!!! 21 timme sedan
I'd rather die then baring this pain...
Jared Hasan
Jared Hasan 21 timme sedan
oh sh its on fire 6:46
Jared Hasan
Jared Hasan 21 timme sedan
Bulbasaurus Rex
Bulbasaurus Rex 21 timme sedan
Us: 5:50 - 5:56 God: "smiles"
biggles258 21 timme sedan
Just got to 26:41 and my jaw hit the floor. I was surprised to see the craft being followed because I caught a few minutes of 'Mysterious Island' (1961) earlier today.
Angel Gaxiola
Angel Gaxiola 21 timme sedan
Wow that's a great video i loved it
JesusOnEcstasy 22 timmar sedan
this is fu.... high class
Shamim Yeasir Saion
Shamim Yeasir Saion 22 timmar sedan
This is the scariest.
Daniil Zinchuk
Daniil Zinchuk 22 timmar sedan
i made a 12 ft whip that sparks when it cracks
Кирилл Иванов
Кирилл Иванов 22 timmar sedan
Guilherme Santos
Guilherme Santos 22 timmar sedan
Hi Dustin! I don't know if you solved this, but maybe the geometry of the tip of the rocket was causing some destructive interference with the moonlight? Like, the light waves passing through the tip of the rocket got destructive interference or somethig? It would be cool if you try this with some needles and water waves or something! Just an idea. I love your channel! Greetings from Brasil! (sorry for some probable english mistakes).
biggles258 22 timmar sedan
As soon as I saw the Spectrogram at 4:34, my inner Tom Clancy piped up and said, "Waterfall". Is that the same thing?
biggles258 22 timmar sedan
Cancel that, just got to 8:15 :)
Will Lorion
Will Lorion 22 timmar sedan
I love how they are just randomly making this but if this was back in the revolutionary war this would be the most deadly thing LOL
Johnny Bates
Johnny Bates 22 timmar sedan
Sucks. Every since I found out he agrees more with Trump and the GOP than Obama and the DNC, I don't think he is as nice as he pretends.
MrChickin Man
MrChickin Man 22 timmar sedan
.lol ebutuoy no stnemmoc gnisrever t'nsi taht emit artxe ruoy htiw gnihtemos od dna oG .tnemmoc desrever siht esrever ot emit eht evah uoy ylraelc tuB .siht nrael ot emit eht evah t'nod I haeY
Carter Cole
Carter Cole 22 timmar sedan
15:07 guesses as to the method he was asking about?
Given Moment
Given Moment 22 timmar sedan
Riding a bike . Knowledge , understanding. Lol
Carter Cole
Carter Cole 22 timmar sedan
10:32 its the parallax of the sound
Alfredo Linguini
Alfredo Linguini 22 timmar sedan
The fish: why is there a party
the running man
the running man 22 timmar sedan
This was a very interesting video I always wanted to go inside a submarine this video felt like I was in it
Techni Myoko
Techni Myoko 22 timmar sedan
That science project girl has awesome hair and I'm jealous
Alpha Gonzalez
Alpha Gonzalez 22 timmar sedan
Is there anything phone creators/developers can do to remove this type of effect? As long as it’s a ship scanning the images we will continue to have that problem .
Carter Cole
Carter Cole 22 timmar sedan
Do you already have a top secret clearance? how do you get to do this?
Rayyan Fuzail
Rayyan Fuzail 22 timmar sedan
No one: Mark Rober after the Impact: *AAAAOOOEEUUUUIIIIIIAAAAAOEI*
Victoria Eads
Victoria Eads 22 timmar sedan
I've had Coober Pedy on my bucket list since I first heard about it, probably as a high school student. It's not just about pretty earrings, these are amazing, beautiful stones. They are SO beautiful that diamond merchants realized they could easily become more popular than diamonds, so they invented a myth that opals are bad luck. Their formation is fascinating and nothing else is really like the beauty of opals. If they weren't so fragile I would have one in my wedding ring. My husband, who had the ring designed for me, had a gorgeous Sri Lankan blue moon stone set into it instead.
Ethan S
Ethan S 22 timmar sedan
I love this episode. Unfortunately farming has become one of the most inefficiently socialized industries in the nation. Federal subsidies encourage farmers to grow corn and soy even when it's not needed. It's an antiquated system that keeps farmers broke and dependant on the government. 70% of our crops aren't even for human consumption. It goes to live stock.
Biohazard Industries WR
Biohazard Industries WR 23 timmar sedan
Gosh i hate water. Even the video alone gives me anxiety.
Ryhan Ahmed
Ryhan Ahmed 23 timmar sedan
I bred several types of butterflies, egg to adult.
Revanth Kausikan
Revanth Kausikan 23 timmar sedan
How does the chicken feel when it's on a flight?
Vitality Massage
Vitality Massage 23 timmar sedan
For shooting videos when walking, mount the camera ON YOUR HEAD! Why? Same thing as the chicken. Your head does not joggle or bounce like the rest of your body? Why? It has evolved this way so that you can see better without it shaking! Chicken's bodies have also evolved over thousands of years. They have to be able to see bugs when they're walking. Chicken's eyesight is freaking amazing too. They scatter in a second when hawks come or any predator is detected. I love chickens! I named one of my favorites "Corona".
Lazar Yanya
Lazar Yanya 23 timmar sedan
They should tie the player in the middle with a ring. The ring will pin the player to the center position allowing the player to spin, walk, move up/down. The deck should not have motors but sensors for x, y, z, and player direction inputs for the virtual world. The player's muscle power will move the deck. Sensor pants, shirt, and gloves can give limb inputs for the virtual world. These guys are very close to a money maker.
MiningCow 23 timmar sedan
4:22 Ah yes JIF Jraphics Interchange Format
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 23 timmar sedan
That beam could have been hewn by slaves, crazy old!
KentoCommenT 23 timmar sedan
Me finding code on stackoverflow: 0:22 Me about to run code: 0:26 The output of the code: 0:29 Me after patching up that bug and coming back with more research: 0:36 The output of the code: 0:47 Me: 0:48
FunduClasses 23 timmar sedan
DragonRider425 23 timmar sedan
I wanna see this shot at other things like plywood or glass. maybe also find a way to load a 2x4 into the cannn and shoot it at a brick wall or smething.
Isaias William
Isaias William 23 timmar sedan
Anuradha Jayatilake
Anuradha Jayatilake 23 timmar sedan
A good one
Khushi Sharma
Khushi Sharma 23 timmar sedan
Idc if laminar flow is better or turbulent, but what really catches my attention is where exactly is the water he wasted going? I just want to know that.
D R H 23 timmar sedan
Now set it up to where you have to Pedal backwards to make it go forward😅
MrCrazieman Dag sedan
Lmao just noticed the cribbage record above the whiteboard i love the navy
一个说话大声的中国人 Dag sedan
One thing to consider, last year, 2019, Israelis tried to land an unmanned moon probe on the moon and failed. Imagine that, Israel failed at what Americans succeeded many and many years ago.
Raghav mittal
Raghav mittal Dag sedan
Such a awesome thing
Axel Silva
Axel Silva Dag sedan
So instead of the military using rockets and bombs they should use baseballs?
Euphrosynos Dag sedan
Just got recommended this video in 2021, probably because I've been binge watching Destin's awesome videos lately with my 5 and 3 year old sons who are curious and learning about the world. Just looked and saw that the very first video on this channel was uploaded in January of my senior year of high school. I should have been doing alot more with SEmost back then. I don't know if you'll see this Destin since it's an older video but thank you for the awesome, educational content you provide. And being in East Tennessee, I am biased towards Southerners. :)
Charles Miranda
Charles Miranda Dag sedan
Epico Dag sedan
this man is the ambassador of inverted people
Jick Hertz
Jick Hertz Dag sedan
4:40 EY that's what they use in dinghies! You could have should that as an example :)
Wisnog 99
Wisnog 99 Dag sedan
I'm terrified of heights but I love the g force from flying. Just watching this makes my hands super sweaty lol
Preeti Prasad
Preeti Prasad Dag sedan
Really appreciate you bringing us this series Destin !!
Luciano Mantchoff
Luciano Mantchoff Dag sedan
5:00 bokeeeeeee