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What I really like about this project is that it taught me to think about the world differently with respect to physical objects. I now sometimes think about the outline of physical objects as if it's a line. The specific area of math that you use for things like this is called "Parametric Equations". I had a lot of great conversations about this stuff with Hansi and Jerobeam. I was very impressed by their intelligence, and also very thankful that they took their time to share these special things with me. I know they'd really appreciate it if you'd reach out to their website and purchase OsciStudio as well as some of Jerobeam's music. Even if you don't have an oscilloscope, purchasing the software will obviously help them continue to do what they love doing. Hansi showed me a very interesting thing he's working on involving ray tracing. It was fascinating.
Here's the website you want to go to:
Direct Links:
Download OsciStudio Here so you can draw 3D objects in Blender
Download some Oscilloscope Music here:
Check out Jerobeam's channel
Math is the secret to all of this. What I really
Parametric Equations:
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TORNADOSAURUS REX. Those shapes are the waveform visualized! I'm super happy that you decided to watch this video. Consider sending it along to someone who loves music/art/math/computers/Blender. OScilloscope Music blew my mind when I first saw it. hope you enjoy this video half as much as I enjoyed making it. Jerobeam and Hansi are super intelligent guys and I learned quite a bit from them. I'm considering dropping another video from my visit with them. Supporting their arty by buying OsciStudio from Hansi and music from Jerobeam would be pretty awesome. Their stuff can be found at: oscilloscopemusic.com/ If you enjoyed this and would like to contribute to more content like this, becoming a Patron of Smarter Every Day is the #1 way to help. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday . If not, no biggie, I'm super glad you took the time to watch!
Trevor Greenough
Trevor Greenough 11 dagar sedan
@Record Games that sounds so FREAKING AWESOME!!! He'll yes. The oscilloscope display will eventually have to be redesigned to incorporate the three dimensions.
Record Games
Record Games 11 dagar sedan
Holographic oscilloscope, hear me out. When holograms are invented then you can create the z axis
Science done right
Science done right Månad sedan
@Trevor Greenough oh yeah
Trevor Greenough
Trevor Greenough Månad sedan
@Science done right I'm now just wondering what a Mandelbrot pattern would sound like
Science done right
Science done right Månad sedan
@Trevor Greenough yes, theoretically you can.
A Human
A Human 8 timmar sedan
Why does this guy remind me of Truman’s best friend?
Sofi.berg 15 timmar sedan
it's very cool and interesting, if all was that beautiful, then much more people would learn since
{ [ Cuber ] }
{ [ Cuber ] } Dag sedan
1:32 is so scary yet so cool
Enzo FiveTwoSeven
Enzo FiveTwoSeven 4 dagar sedan
All I see is Tetris
kent 5 dagar sedan
If you wonder what the smoke is from look at the right side of the keyboard.
jamcdonald120 7 dagar sedan
2:20 dont mind me, just doing a 3d wire frame on your oscilloscope using only sound
Remco Booy
Remco Booy 7 dagar sedan
@15:37 should be your intro...
Dave 7 dagar sedan
Well done on finding a verse to express the theme.
Benji Garcia
Benji Garcia 8 dagar sedan
TEJASH RAJ 8 dagar sedan
DID chamption😂
SteyrR 9 dagar sedan
13:16 My brain was automatically picturing a joint in his hand.
Endexyz 10 dagar sedan
7:03 my guy lookin like discount loki jk but fr this is so cool
Sam the boss
Sam the boss 11 dagar sedan
the music reminds me a lot of portal
Dánfel Music
Dánfel Music 12 dagar sedan
Don't watch this high
oofed for eternity
oofed for eternity 12 dagar sedan
smartereveryday took 40 benadryls
bit_mate ֫
bit_mate ֫ 13 dagar sedan
If the world was full of geeks like you, the economy will rise and the technology will thrive
prinjpal 13 dagar sedan
12:16 from this its starts to blow my mind too
Tomas Hernandez
Tomas Hernandez 14 dagar sedan
HAHAHAHAHAH WELCOME TO AUSTRIA!!!! dudeee i haven't laughed like this in so long!! Thank you for sharing and making this video!
Jacob Pittman
Jacob Pittman 14 dagar sedan
This is what happens if you get too smart everyday
TFCS 17 dagar sedan
but can it play doom?
Benjamin Ellis
Benjamin Ellis 17 dagar sedan
what's the pattern on Hanzi's Tshirt?
FLUFFY BISCUIT 18 dagar sedan
The classy acrylic curiosly shop because tune perplexingly fix despite a statuesque cemetery. mindless, watery japan
Anish Khanal
Anish Khanal 19 dagar sedan
Why there is clip to hold green screen on osciloscope🙄🙄
fachon tu regalon
fachon tu regalon 19 dagar sedan
The unique baker prominently stain because trapezoid pathogenetically bore mid a rotten dragonfly. incredible, sticky joke
Leandro Barbosa
Leandro Barbosa 20 dagar sedan
The real genius it's the guys that created the blender plugin to transform coordinate in blender to sound form, these dudes can drow anything and the plugin will transform, these two guys are great, but the real genius are the guys that made the plugin!!! That you probably never find!!!!!
Eto Hige Gamer Culture
Eto Hige Gamer Culture 20 dagar sedan
I remember seeing a video of a guy playing Quake on an oscilloscope, but this wow 😳 is amazing.
Paul 20 dagar sedan
No doubt that they are clever dudes, this has been done for years. Laser x,y galvos are driven by analogue signals. Before modern computers and laser display software, the galvos where driven with a stereo audio track. But that said, the skill level shown is amazing.
Minecraft Awesomeness
Minecraft Awesomeness 21 dag sedan
I would like to know what oscilloscope you have. It looks a bit familiar, Probably because I have a Tektronix 2215. And it looks like it the same "Brand" or manufacturer.
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 22 dagar sedan
2:00 My PC has crashed
Lampe2020 23 dagar sedan
I think you can design a black-and-green TV program to watch on such an oscilloscope, old TV devices did work like that!
Sabás Mendívil
Sabás Mendívil 24 dagar sedan
literally they created a new wavetable form synthesizer, thats cool, watch out serumFx lol
Sabás Mendívil
Sabás Mendívil 24 dagar sedan
jaw dropped so hard, amazing
The funniest moment is
The funniest moment is 25 dagar sedan
so its lsd o'clock now?
Connor 27 dagar sedan
You could guarantee math being understandable by using this to display graphics
Roud Xh
Roud Xh 28 dagar sedan
Imagine going to the art class and some dude just casually whip out a Oscilloscope
Some guy
Some guy 28 dagar sedan
"whats the wifi password?" "its on the back of the router" the back of the router:
Oculus Quest Gaming
Oculus Quest Gaming 28 dagar sedan
10:03 harmonic series
Altwin Intrig
Altwin Intrig 29 dagar sedan
Okay. This is cool. It has some resemblence to demos as well, only that you are practically and inseparably linking the audio with visuals.
Alex Fox
Alex Fox Månad sedan
try quadraphonic
CyborgxHR Månad sedan
Best Chiptune music video ever.
Kawako Månad sedan
honestly i dont know why buy seeing the green and the music i got scared
Doktor DigitalMusicXpress
Doktor DigitalMusicXpress Månad sedan
I work with electronics, oscilloscopes and music (synths) and this blew my friggen mind!!!!!!!!
Jason C
Jason C Månad sedan
And you haven't hooked this up to an x-y mirror controller and a high powered laser because.....?
Dogeth Månad sedan
why is this terraria boss music it sounds like terraria boss music it is terraria music
Russianmafia10 Månad sedan
These square waves must be so harsh on speakers
Long long ago... I worked on Vector Graphics Displays for 8080 , 6800 and 6502 cpu boards....
Bryan Månad sedan
Can we talk about how hard that track goes
Aphex Druqks
Aphex Druqks Månad sedan
This is so interesting! Thanks for bringing this to us.
Karameldeen Omer
Karameldeen Omer Månad sedan
I don't know what to say
James Feeney
James Feeney Månad sedan
Thankyou for this wonderful little piece of knowlege. When I was a wee young lad around 13, I took an old CRT color TV, disconnected the deflection coils, and connected them to my stereo, and played Pink Floyde's Dark Side of the Moon. IT WAS AWSOME! My own little light show.
E Månad sedan
all i sense is doom
Ian Washish
Ian Washish Månad sedan
Tornadosaurus Rex!!
Connor Matthews
Connor Matthews Månad sedan
ASMRter everyday
Peter Buckholtz
Peter Buckholtz Månad sedan
25 seconds in - Right? I'm glad I was following, but I really don't think everyone probably got that. Great moment.
Gino Månad sedan
Wow this is very interesting.
Parglîssa Månad sedan
Now time to play "bad apple". Or doom
Christopher Nzima
Christopher Nzima Månad sedan
This is ace geek stuff 👏😃
_The_Manipulator_ Månad sedan
did i just take drugs?
Mezrah Masada
Mezrah Masada Månad sedan
Nobody? Windows Media Player be like:
Liam Brooks
Liam Brooks Månad sedan
I would imagine this is something einstein would do if he smoked weed. He could make some true bangers.
Lucas Visser
Lucas Visser Månad sedan
Some parts in that blocks track really sound like something you'd hear in doom. 2:00 till 2:58 3:21 till 3:39
XS4R3 DN3T Månad sedan
2:51 i feel like u 3 used substances.
Maximilian S.
Maximilian S. Månad sedan
Hey Destin! About a year ago I saw your post on /r/wien. In this video you're saying "Welcome to austria" at 2:48. Does that mean this is what you eventually ended up doing in Vienna or is this unrelated? Very little hope of getting this answered but still. Cheers mate 👌
Brett Vonscott
Brett Vonscott Månad sedan
Simply amazing
Memory Thief
Memory Thief Månad sedan
Excellent, I'm doing it [crosses fingers about price], I like this more than I should. I'm hoping they take suggestions for modification... I want to do this in midi, I think I know a way... ;s
PentaSteve Månad sedan
this video explained sine and cosine better than my math class
gazzacroy Månad sedan
Michael Goddard
Michael Goddard Månad sedan
I teach tech and engineering and we have a lot oscilloscopes and access to cloud based software (Adobe, Autodesk Inventor, etc) is there young teenager tutorial that I could use to let them create a project or Oscilloscope music video for class?...
mahmoud fl
mahmoud fl Månad sedan
سمعو على هشوفة 😂😂😂
mahmoud fl
mahmoud fl Månad sedan
شوفو على هالسمعة 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
I.Got.Isekaid Månad sedan
rip any low quality headphones...
With these sound create this kind of an image in a resonator? You know the sand on a metal sheet set up.
OK, so the Bible says God spoke the world into existence. And he also made man. What does a double Helix sounds like? You know the very thing that comprises our DNA.
Jeffrey Young
Jeffrey Young Månad sedan
I used to work on video games back in the 80s that used X/Y monitors which did the same vector drawing, and I could use a scope to verify the circuitry was working or not through the video chain. The only difference was I didn't have an audio to X/Y converter circuit, or an X/Y to audio converter circuit, but now, I see I can take X/Y to sound to make cool sounds... Any X/Y video can be used to create audio of this type. I will have to find old X/Y games to play with! Wait, I did make and use a mirror driver circuit, ***OK, MIND BLOWN WITH TRIG DISPLAY OF FOURIER TRANSFORMS!!!*** What was I saying? Oh ya, the mirror drivers for laser light shows, by the time I made them, I was too late...
akshit kumar lal
akshit kumar lal Månad sedan
Thats the most Shocking things . I have ever Heard in my Whole life . ITS SO COOL !!!!!!!!! . I wish that I can meet them .
Igisowski Månad sedan
Visualise ElectoBOOM face
Mason Månad sedan
Affordable price huh? $1,000 for a queen is not affordable, not even remotely. They need to knock that price down to $300 and even then, I'd still get that $200 mattress on Amazon that is just an off-brand of Casper and performs the same.
Anthony Rodney Alvior
Anthony Rodney Alvior Månad sedan
It reminds me of Tron....
Harrison Leon
Harrison Leon Månad sedan
2:26 when you stretched a rubber band and flick it to make cool sounds
Perkeleman Månad sedan
What a cool thing to see that you've come to our little country for this awesome project :D
RoboGenes Månad sedan
Oscilloscopes are my favorite video streaming platform ❤️
Hugh Glassey
Hugh Glassey 2 månader sedan
I hear cube
gvasco 2 månader sedan
Have you seen the guys that do music using barcodes as well?
anrieff 2 månader sedan
It would be *REALLY* interesting to see how the audio compression algorithms in SEmost corrupted those perfect geometrical shapes :)
Morrisey Abdallah
Morrisey Abdallah 2 månader sedan
The humorous bongo realistically branch because green expectedly grip as a big perch. lazy, enormous dashboard
Ameen jamal
Ameen jamal 2 månader sedan
Isn't what the oscilloscope doing kind of similar to what a CRT TV does? I wonder if it is possible to creat videos that can also have meaningful shapes on a CRT TV and the analog signal could also be filtered and connected to speakers to play interesting sounds. 🤔
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 2 månader sedan
sine in 3D
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 2 månader sedan
play sine on two sides
Ike Stewart
Ike Stewart 2 månader sedan
Wow, just saw this, while the video was still in the dark I thought I recognized the oscilloscope as a Tektronics 7623, it helps that I have its slightly older sibling a 7603 in my shed.
ItzMe 2 månader sedan
This needs to be your new intro
gnamp 2 månader sedan
So Bronson Pinchot & Nuno Bettencourt got eaten by a tornadosaurus rex...
Nacho Ciatti
Nacho Ciatti 2 månader sedan
wtf?! brilliant!
Yeetus Deleti
Yeetus Deleti 2 månader sedan
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh 2 månader sedan
Man that tek 475 is dusty.
Fred Kilner
Fred Kilner 2 månader sedan
Do they have a Vectrex?
Fred Kilner
Fred Kilner 2 månader sedan
Holey Shmoley.. I guess I have a Tektronix 454 which seems to be alive and has XY mode. I could drive it with little Cypress CY8CKIT-059 PSOC 5LP board.. or various other thingys I have. If you really love something.. Implement it in FPGAs!
MOCHA 2 månader sedan
at 14:06 what was going on with the background?
Fryzzle the Pork
Fryzzle the Pork 2 månader sedan
,wow Asmr
Manbir Judge
Manbir Judge 2 månader sedan
What! They were using the Blender as their 3D styling or modeling programme and I think that it is amazing because I do use it to (not as a professional but for some small things).
Tracy Rice
Tracy Rice 2 månader sedan
What does pyramid of giza sound like ?
Ethan Howells
Ethan Howells 2 månader sedan
Hello there I just want to say to the man who made this video and this device I believe it has connections to a form of programming within a device that I'm coming up with to new form of motor utilizes sound and light waves... I would really like to be able to speak with you if I could
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