Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Ft. Stuff Made Here - Smarter Every Day 245

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SmarterEveryDay 6 månader sedan
Shane is a really cool guy. I reached out because I wanted to understand his bat and how his mind worked. I ended up valuing the friendship over anything else. Check out his video and consider subscribing to him here: semost.info/award/g6mmaLiXm8it1ao/video.html
Mr Lazybear
Mr Lazybear Månad sedan
You need one of those racing drones that are fast and highly maneuverable for stuff like this. Also would be cool to get some high-speed of it doing flips.
lxzs0sa 2 månader sedan
Does he live in north carolina because i live in north carolina
Tom O'Bryant
Tom O'Bryant 3 månader sedan
Destin, you and your videos are so wholesome. You're such a humble guy. Thanks for being an inspiration to your viewers!
NavalSEALSniper & Sports
NavalSEALSniper & Sports 3 månader sedan
@rchouser123 I live in Huntsville and I have one so it’d be fun to try it at the Trash Pandas stadium where I work.
Ethan Salvadore
Ethan Salvadore 3 månader sedan
sparkygtynes yeah, now Shane and mark
drewb 15 timmar sedan
Make Destin’s spinning death bat machine made of Shane’s explosive bats. Combine the 2 ideas together
Shmozone 2 dagar sedan
convert supersonic baseball cannon into a big piston that hits the ball ez
ButeryPopcorn Good
ButeryPopcorn Good 4 dagar sedan
Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍
ButeryPopcorn Good
ButeryPopcorn Good 4 dagar sedan
Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍 Hi guys GL reading comments lol White screen? The end Jk LOL Ur almost half way Now it’s the end lol Jk again Their is a lot of add on this vid This is getting boring Should I stop? Fine Have A Great Day👍
Vincent 4 dagar sedan
put shane's bat on the mad batter
Alejandro 4 dagar sedan
7:27 he knows it
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 6 dagar sedan
Isn't there a correlation between transfer of power and the mass of the plate launching the ball? I know you're trying to make a "bat" stylized launcher, but couldn't you make a larger and more spatula/fly swatter design at the impact area? Wouldn't this, provided an aerodynamic design, lead to more energy transfer to the projectile? - Cheers on the great video series guys!
ReelRai 7 dagar sedan
Shane is an absolute genius. The way he reacts to the velocity calculation being spot on is so funny.
davidMlavallee 7 dagar sedan
I love the Trash Pandas baseball!
Hastey Burner
Hastey Burner 7 dagar sedan
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jca111 7 dagar sedan
Jamie and Adam v2.0 ?
Boston Cubs
Boston Cubs 8 dagar sedan
Lets sign a petition to get mike trout to hit with this bat
Rodolfo 8 dagar sedan
why dont you ask a professional baseball player to hit the ball with this bat ?
GBP4EVR 9 dagar sedan
All these brains and no homing device for the baseball, Tracking beacon, GPS? P.S. you have your dome and chest covered, but left the family jewels vulnerable 🤦‍♂️
Art Flores
Art Flores 9 dagar sedan
I don’t know how haven’t done any of the World Series fist Pitch
K C 9 dagar sedan
this collab is excellent, and we're all better off for more of it.
OSCAR MIKE 10 dagar sedan
Not sure if Shane had ever played baseball before thinking about this
Brian C
Brian C 10 dagar sedan
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Winder Zhao
Winder Zhao 10 dagar sedan
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Derplord 2.0
Derplord 2.0 11 dagar sedan
Shane is a mega mind mega Chad
Derplord 2.0
Derplord 2.0 11 dagar sedan
Shane is a mastermind engineer that has the ideas of a frat boy.
Viola Nkomo
Viola Nkomo 13 dagar sedan
The crossover we didn't know we needed
Try Thinking
Try Thinking 13 dagar sedan
Imagine this. Put Shane, Dustin, Mark, Alex Steele, and the Mythbusters guy and lock them into a warehouse together with all the machines and tools they need with one mission....... make something awesome.
Hendrik Smith
Hendrik Smith 10 dagar sedan
Add Colinfurze to the mix as well and whatever you build will be sufficiently terrifying.
Vach Bakth
Vach Bakth 13 dagar sedan
Tom Stanton and Mark Rober joining the power rangers team wud be ultimate....
Adam Place
Adam Place 14 dagar sedan
I love the spider web of great SEmost. From Smarter Every Day you can get to Mark Rober, Veritasium, Steve Mould and now Stuff Made Here, and if you keep branching out from them, you end up with the best of SEmost - all the way to Corridor, 3Blue1Brown, Tom Scott, on and on. So do yourself a favor - go down the rabbit hole on this channel. You'll love his videos, and those of the people he works with, and those of the people *they* work with, etc, and you really will end up smarter every day. And yes, I really took a piece of paper and diagrammed out all the connections.
Catya Carothers
Catya Carothers 14 dagar sedan
I loved your kids being so excited about getting a protractor!
Alan Malcheski
Alan Malcheski 15 dagar sedan
If this guy is smart, then he should know that spin has an affect on how far a baseball travels. You'd want a small amount of backspin for max distance, at an exit angle between 5 and 25 degrees, like a golf ball. With the power you're using, you should get 700+ ft... unless the ball fails, but obviously it won't, because you can launch them at 1k mph.
tylor anderson
tylor anderson 21 dag sedan
1400 feet
tylor anderson
tylor anderson 21 dag sedan
Dude make a spinny rack for the 50 bats lol
Giovanni Genovese
Giovanni Genovese 24 dagar sedan
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adamson vispo
adamson vispo 24 dagar sedan
This is what real "collab" means!! Einstein will sub if he's alive!!
Omersens 26 dagar sedan
"I'm here to help you beat it" Didn't know I landed on the OnlyFans page
Tor Bjørnson
Tor Bjørnson 26 dagar sedan
Now we need Dustin, Shane, Michael, and Mark all together. Wonder what insane death machine they could make. Would be a very interesting video
my fist
my fist 27 dagar sedan
I believe there's a lot you guys can do to improve but what was bugging me the most is I wanted to see an actuall baseball player who's able to make a perfect hit with enough force. That would prolong the time of collision until the ball go off your bat and improve the efficiency of the angle. (not good with English so apologies if something on my text is weird)
宋秉钧 27 dagar sedan
DO YOU really did 1000 feet??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Charles Georgette
Charles Georgette 28 dagar sedan
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Alex Fox
Alex Fox Månad sedan
he made the bat, and he should print the ball Sea Shell by alexdfox - Thingiverse
kristian guillermo
kristian guillermo Månad sedan
Rober and veritasium
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Månad sedan
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Al Boulley
Al Boulley Månad sedan
When Destin told Shane, "you're smarter than me", Shane's comeback should have been, "but you're getting smarter every day..."
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer Månad sedan
Poor Shane, only has like 2.5 Million subs.. He clearly needed Smarter Everyday to help his struggling SEmost channel haha... Thanks though, it is a cool channel!
Isaac Hoffman
Isaac Hoffman Månad sedan
What so the bat is not doing anything. The ball is just squishing wich makes it fly.
Aaron Klapheck
Aaron Klapheck Månad sedan
You two should make more videos together! Sean and Destin all the way.
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner Månad sedan
Seeing Shane in that Binford shirt while I'm wearing the exact same shirt made my day for some odd reason.
GamesWithVirtual Månad sedan
I love how you guys used the cherry picker for the camera stand 😂
Kevin Bihari
Kevin Bihari Månad sedan
Everyone, be nice to shane. It's al fun and games but i don't want him to turn into a super villain. "If you can't afford a cnc router, build one"
Ankit Burman
Ankit Burman Månad sedan
“When you cant afford them, you build them”. I know this king is packing! 👑
Donnie Frank
Donnie Frank Månad sedan
Squish latency.
DragonActive Månad sedan
I was today years old when I actually watched till the very end of a video and saw a new Bible verse each time. Well played!
MrMrMrMrMrT Månad sedan
Dustin met Batman
TheLastCrankers Månad sedan
as an automation student, the graph at 8:17 is just amazing as an example of an impulse and an inertial object with integrating (or whatever its called in english) I could look at this all day
Straight Dope / Flipped Script
Straight Dope / Flipped Script Månad sedan
So................. When are you going to combine your super-swinger Homerun Machine with the super sonic baseball cannon? You live in the south.....I live in the south. We both (as with many others here) crave a steady diet if "hold my beer" moments 🙂
Fearlesssole74 Månad sedan
What happens when you put the mad batter against the super sonic base ball canon
Hudson Seegar
Hudson Seegar Månad sedan
As a baseball player It triggers me every time I see him hit the ball with no proper mechanics
Mike Seyoum
Mike Seyoum Månad sedan
You know it’s serious when he doesn’t go “Hi my names Destin welcome back to Smarter Every Day” and goes “what up”
Dunkey Is Black
Dunkey Is Black Månad sedan
Imagine if this guy could actually swing a bat!
Joshua Grahm
Joshua Grahm Månad sedan
Prototype super sledge
Margaret Reynolds
Margaret Reynolds Månad sedan
we should stick a jps in a ball
Christian Becker
Christian Becker Månad sedan
I have an idea: get a pro baseball player to swing it for some extra distance and velocity
Dancan799 Månad sedan
So it’s a bat gun, this guy only a few steps from making a chainsword gun
Rîp Duçky
Rîp Duçky Månad sedan
yall should do a calab with all u guys plus mark rober and more engineres
James Månad sedan
Drone needed to be overhead for the hits so it could follow the baseball
Jalin Olin
Jalin Olin Månad sedan
How funny. I've been subscribed to you since the Rupert's Drop episode, and I just randomly came across Stuff Made Here a few days ago. Watched all his videos and saw he colabed with you. Can't wait to see what other crazy stuff he makes in the future. So glad you two got together on a project. Great stuff.
shreyas Månad sedan
what if you used shane's bat in your machine
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti Månad sedan
"It's not a suppressor, it's a muffler" xD
Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams Månad sedan
Imagine if you had someone with athletic ability swinging the bat!!
oohbleeblooblaghblagh Månad sedan
you know hes a nerd when he puts a helmet and a body armor on... he acknowledged physics more than his pride
Harry F
Harry F Månad sedan
Lol now you just need to make a bunch of these and attach them to the mad batter. If the ball survives and the resulting monstrosity doesn’t explode that will probably do it
keinushi Månad sedan
Lol, actually found you from Stuff Made Here
Major Wolf 72
Major Wolf 72 Månad sedan
„I demand a recount...“ ouch 😂 Power Ranger premonition in October 2020
Dylan Carmel
Dylan Carmel Månad sedan
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Stilly Månad sedan
Imagine what would happen if someone that knew how to swing a bat did the swinging.
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 Månad sedan
That drone...................
Pavel Gorin
Pavel Gorin Månad sedan
It seems that high speed camera is sort of a debugger.
rftrat Månad sedan
Did Shane play in that movie Ghostbusters. I think he was the gate keeper
Abdul X
Abdul X Månad sedan
4:15 country boy meets suburb nerd from deep blue state. I think they both are most of us as the same person at different levels of maturity...
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy Månad sedan
Does helium make a difference in basketballs, soccerballs, volleyballs, etc?????? Thanks.
YellowTailHorse Månad sedan
You know your kid is going into STEM if they're excited about a protractor.
Alpy Månad sedan
Amazing video! Wouldn't it be cool to see them with mark rober?
Aaron Månad sedan
This should be in the next (real) Fallout alongside the Super Sledge
Jefté Santiago
Jefté Santiago Månad sedan
How saw Mar Rover? 19:07
Zechariah Edwards
Zechariah Edwards Månad sedan
ive seen al the vidios that you mentioned in the vidio
Daniel Holder
Daniel Holder Månad sedan
Did you ever find out the real distance of where the baseball went
Jordan L.
Jordan L. Månad sedan
Common canadians
Common canadians Månad sedan
cool murder weapon
Rat's Zone
Rat's Zone Månad sedan
I want one of these for home defense.
AXBOWF 2 månader sedan
When u can't afford them u build them. That's where the things goes.
JC 2 månader sedan
"just now starting out" ...has 2.09 million subscribers 😮👍
Acquired Cents
Acquired Cents 2 månader sedan
I beat that record, 897 feet with metal bats on a 400 cc engine with a chain. Keeping it steady was THE HARDEST PART. I'm lying... you all knew that. This is NUTS!!!!! Heavier/longer bat = farther.
Levin Tim
Levin Tim 2 månader sedan
That thing with the drone was 1 in a milion
Levin Tim
Levin Tim 2 månader sedan
You and him should start the new myth busted
Levin Tim
Levin Tim 2 månader sedan
He is amazing you should work with him
7249xxl 2 månader sedan
Combine both designs.
Montana Pearson
Montana Pearson 2 månader sedan
What if you used a different sized cartridge
VALLEY 2 månader sedan
so at 4 charges you would actually want the acceleration to happen over a bit longer time to give the baseball a bigger chance to fully accelerate?
Bill Sheahan
Bill Sheahan 2 månader sedan
Awesome, now combine his design with your supersonic launcher
Charles Snyder
Charles Snyder 2 månader sedan
Question, what do you have against baseball equipment? I saw this video as well as the supersonic baseball vs catchers mitt. Could you do something with footballs- supersonic, etc?
Kenneth Varghese
Kenneth Varghese 2 månader sedan
Your channel reminds me why I wanted to be an engineer
Carter Drake
Carter Drake 2 månader sedan
It would be interesting to see what happens when an MLB player swings this bat at a ball!
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