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We built a gun detector using machine learning that works with existing surveillance cameras.
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There are many companies working on this type of technology at the moment. We made ours in 2018, and Chad visited my house in January 2019 to film most of this. We didn't post it for various reasons, but decided now might be a good time. The fidelity of the inference is a function of how you train it.... so obviously the more data points you provide, the better it will perform. This particular type of machine learning is known as object detection, with the computation being performed by a deep neural network "on the edge". The video stream is processed locally and no internet is needed to find the object in real time. If you're working on something similar or could use this technology in your systems and would like to collaborate.... (or would simply like to support what we're doing) please reach out by using this link:
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SmarterEveryDay År sedan
Do me a favor and PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING THIS VIDEO. I'm a bit worried it won't be distributed due to images in the video and the topic in general.... but I believe this is a positive thing and it's something people on both sides of the gun debate can get behind. I've been talking to people about this type of technology and in an upcoming video I will explain how this is simply one component in a much larger suite of tools which can be used. Are there flaws in this method? Absolutely. Is it possible to spoof a system like this? Yes... this could be easily tricked.... but would be perps would have to take the time to worry about it focus on tricking it. I personally think the main benefit is providing real time situational awareness. Another limitation is that it would identify toy guns as real guns and send a notification to authorities. The purpose of this video is to start the discussion because systems like this are frankly already here and in use. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we decided to use our engineering skills to try to make a positive step. We've found support amongst both sides of the gun debate, and in today's political climate that alone feels like a step in the right direction. If you'd like to reach out, we can be reached through a contact form here:
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 18 dagar sedan
I shared it .
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel 18 dagar sedan
You don't see how troublesome this is? You think it's acceptable to build a "detector" to try and determine who decides to exercise their Constitutional Rights? What's next, a "detector" to determine who in public is Jewish? You are sick and so is your "invention."
ProtoPlayz 26 dagar sedan
I’m imagining a kid walking past the police station an the camera picks up a the kid with his nerf gun or air soft
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 2 månader sedan
Okay, will do.
MWall711 2 månader sedan
@Kamen Rider Blade Sure, now just convince everyone to open their bank accounts to pay for your unrealistic idea.
Vinicius Ferrari
Vinicius Ferrari 8 timmar sedan
so, some points worth discussing: - school shootings and similar events need to be stopped before they happen. if we have to wait for the shooter to pull out his gun and then do everything destin said in the video, people will die. it doesn't matter if it's more or less people, they die. - with that in mind, the only alternative I can think of is the xray through clothes thingy. but, as noted in the video, it is a fourth ammendment violation. Conclusion: mass shootings are a direct consequence of allowing guns to be easily accessible to the public. you can't prevent that, because crazy people live among us. if US people recognize that and agree to libe with that, because prohibiting gun commerce is an attack in our freedom, then the real problem it's somewhere else and a lot scarier. Conclusion two: thank god I don't live in the united states.
Tikyda Couassi-Ble
Tikyda Couassi-Ble 4 dagar sedan
Thank you very much for this technology. Seeing through people clothes is a small price to pay to be able to prevent his death by officers who think he has a gun. This privacy breach may help decrease the number of deaths caused by police officers supposedly scared that someone was reaching for a gun. I think police by default should not be armed with lethal weapons. But once technology ascertains that a potential criminal has a gun, an armed police force should be sent to neutralize the potential criminal.
Benjamin Boonen
Benjamin Boonen 12 dagar sedan
If this was connected to a camera in a crowded room, let's say a party. How difficult would it be for the AI to detect a pulled gun, assuming it is at a mid-level distance
André Schulz
André Schulz 13 dagar sedan
this detector is useless if you cover the gun with something else (cardboard, cloth...)
Bear Gillium
Bear Gillium 14 dagar sedan
Sounds like with the microwave detector they could just turn it up and microwave the gun...
JD Russell
JD Russell 20 dagar sedan
Guns swirl the electrons in the bullet generating Magnetic pulse on AM ban radio friquency. Each barrel a different signature but does triangulate through phone towers each time you fire.
VALRINA 21 dag sedan
So like... If a gun is already pulled what's the point lol...
Jonny John
Jonny John 24 dagar sedan
Your kids have shot down a drone from a tree... you’re my people
Axsel 29 dagar sedan
Looks OK, I guess. Seems like you're the right minded guys to be doing this. Thought I'd comment for the al gor rhythm. 👍🏼
Jairus Morford
Jairus Morford 29 dagar sedan
I bet you're an amazing dad! My dad is like you and I'm so grateful for the experience I had growing up!
Emperor of the north & No.#19 Train
Emperor of the north & No.#19 Train 29 dagar sedan
seems like your more interested in making money and not saving even cops lives is very sad how many cops could be saved if your device could see a gun on a suspect before a cop got killed sad and ill un subscribe knowing this is your view over life sad rights over life is disgusting
Nathan Bigsby
Nathan Bigsby Månad sedan
Seems more like a handgun detector than a gun detector.
darryn johnson
darryn johnson Månad sedan
Clicked just to comment : nice trigger discipline
BlackCell22 Månad sedan
Get your finger off the trigger in the screenshot smh.
no1unorightnow Månad sedan
What if you hold your phone while it's showing a picture/video of a gun?
norman musimwa
norman musimwa Månad sedan
One of the best SEmost channels out there ......... Love, From Zimbabwe
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Månad sedan
80 hours?
Unknown User
Unknown User Månad sedan
There is no such thing as “Gun violence “ ! People are violent, and regardless of the object used ... they’re still going to be violent . Fun fact - the most effective way to stop a bad guy with a Gun , is to shoot them with your gun !
Eric Schroeder
Eric Schroeder Månad sedan
Ugh, so painful. Couldn’t make it past the video thumbnail. Are you at a shooting range or about to defend yourself from an intruder? Oh, then get your finger OFF THE TRIGGER!! 😠 As an RSO, this is infuriating and only demonstrates how much you don’t know about gun safety.
Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh Månad sedan
Ban all guns. Problem solved.
The Inverted Nut
The Inverted Nut 29 dagar sedan
I wish it would be that simple
Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh Månad sedan
@David Timmons yes. You are wrong. Good job.
David Timmons
David Timmons Månad sedan
John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
while I agree with your statement that we all want to reduce gun violence, and that you're not comfortable looking for guns under clothing or in a holster, for 4th amendment reasons, I am concerned about the potential to take your technology and implement it in a way that you wouldn't agree with. It would not take a whole lot of tweaking to get this software to do the same thing with a millimeter band camera.
Mear Bear
Mear Bear Månad sedan
I think an audio system can be linked here as well to distinguish the sound of a gunshot
bondefrands Månad sedan
this video just showed up in my feed , and thank god i live in the EU , only gang related violence, but maybe this could be implemented on street cams ?
Viktor H
Viktor H Månad sedan
you have emergency plans n classrooms??
PhantomicCo Månad sedan
I very much appreciate that you brought up the 4th amendment and our right to privacy. It’s unfortunately rare these days. And i would like to praise the fact that you used proper safety and made sure the gun was fully clear. Great video man keep it up
José Acuña
José Acuña Månad sedan
Destin, trigger discipline
Michael Månad sedan
That detection under your clothes is easily defeated with dummy counter measures. Some company will make some piece of clothing or patch that’ll fool it
michael De Mello
michael De Mello Månad sedan
This hole video was on handguns though. I bet something like a cross bow would fool it.
The Inverted Nut
The Inverted Nut 29 dagar sedan
I. H.
I. H. Månad sedan
The finger on the trigger makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up. Booger hook off the bang switch please.
Matt Finley
Matt Finley Månad sedan
I immediately came to see if anyone else noticed. The thumbnail made me cringe. 😖
Samld1200 Månad sedan
This video was in my recommended! I’m already subscribed though
Artemis Argent
Artemis Argent Månad sedan
If you are trying to do this for a school, an any point of entry, you have a camera connected to this, and you have a controller to open and close the door, and it was also trained in all sorts of weapons, it would be great! It could send a message to all of the staff members, and put the whole building on lock down with first responders silently. You don't need a vocal alert, you could have a light that flashes next to the clock in the room. That could show an intruder is in the building. You could give teachers access to the building security cameras then, and see when it's safe to leave the building.
RustCole01 Månad sedan
And then WOLF Security could bring everyone blankets and cocoa when the event is over....
Daniel DiBono
Daniel DiBono Månad sedan
He's absolutely right. It would be unwarranted search if it's in public.
Daniel DiBono
Daniel DiBono Månad sedan
@Drakesquad I would agree that those are fine in courts. Like metal detector. I mean out in public, like a park or sidewalk
Drakesquad Månad sedan
What about in public court?
William Maxwell
William Maxwell Månad sedan
Hello Harold Finch, The Machine is ready.
Cargo_Vroom Månad sedan
Does the thumbnail exist to bait people into clicking just to chide you for bad trigger discipline?
Shulapi Månad sedan
youtube recomended this video, don’t worry
Tim Jon
Tim Jon Månad sedan
When you are showing a firearm is clear always show into the chamber if you want to keep everyone on the internet happy. It is entirely possible there could have been a double feed last time it was loaded and the operator would have assumed the bullet he got out was the only one while there was actually another one in the chamber. It is also possible the extractor malfunction or is broken and left a round fully seated inside the chamber.
Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez Månad sedan
Guns don't kill people, people do. I've always been of the opinion that if someone is determined to hurt people they will do it with or without a gun. But the ability for people anyone to carry a firearm makes these people who would do harm think twice before pulling out a gun and doing terrible things, because half the other people there have a gun too. It is quite sad that some many stupid things have happened that its pushed us into a corner about this and that so many people think that a gun is the deciding factor when some psycho kills people. How dare that inert object make a decision to end a life.. How can people think like that?
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee Månad sedan
I disagree with you. A car can kill a person but was designed to drive. A gun was designed to kill, that's the purpose of it. I'm not saying we shouldn't have any guns, absolutely not. What I'm saying is that it's easier and much more efficient to limit the availability of highly lethal guns instead of doing hundreds of millions of therapy/background checks, because ultimately guns were designed to kill others.
NeoGeo421 on PSN
NeoGeo421 on PSN Månad sedan
When I saw the thumbnail all I could think was "booger hook off the bang switch unless you're gonna pew pew!". But seriously, trigger discipline my man.
Scott Wemlinger
Scott Wemlinger Månad sedan
Trigger discipline is important. I’d suggest choosing a thumbnail that doesn’t show your finger on the trigger when it shouldn’t be.
Douglas county rail fan Productions
Douglas county rail fan Productions Månad sedan
Yeah but what if it was a toy gun maybe you guys should train it to look at the tip to make sure it’s orange
Unkown Månad sedan
No finger discipline
Mr. Nemesis
Mr. Nemesis Månad sedan
Have fun detecting against KelTec guns. Those things don’t look like guns. Also a piece of foil imbedded into clothing can completely block a gun detector
TheEmeraldSword Månad sedan
2:19 wait, doesn't the Glock (square pure black gun) have a tilting barrel like the M1911 (pistol literally older than sliced bread)?
Blast Portable AC
Blast Portable AC Månad sedan
As a firearm owner and enthusiast myself, I'm happy to see this video. You're a firearm owner, you understand that this is a potentially useful technology that can raise an alarm while also being responsible about it. I've been a fan of the channel for a long time (this video never ended up on my homepage, interesting...) but I love how logical you are about it while still being respectful of every citizen's constitutional rights. Much love Destin!
Travis Månad sedan
wow man id kill for a family 1% as good as urs seems
xzid80 Månad sedan
There is a company called patriot one technologies, based in Canada, doing exactly this.
Chip Månad sedan
Should really keep your finger off the trigger.
The Gr8 Malachite
The Gr8 Malachite Månad sedan
- Caveira -
- Caveira - Månad sedan
Me: Sees the preview picture Also Me: Nice trigger dicipline pal.
Nordak Balrem
Nordak Balrem Månad sedan
Anyone who is fascinated with mechanical and aerodynamic engineering will have a fascination with firing mechanisms and ballistics, right up there drag profiles and engine design.
Johnny Rep
Johnny Rep Månad sedan
Most of our gun violence is perpetrated by Democrat favored demographics shooting each other in our inner cities. 1) That's not my fault. 2) No amount of crime diminishes the purpose of the 2nd Amendment (the security of a free state).
Ihsan Topcu
Ihsan Topcu Månad sedan
Algorithm got me here
Maxi Månad sedan
Man I'm glad to be living in Europe, the Wikipedia page for school shootings in Germany has a total of six entries. Last one is in 2009. They are clearly doing _something_ right, but obviously you can't just apply the same rules to America, as the mindset of the people is very different. So I hope that the American government can find a good solution that actually works, and I'm curious to see where things go. Also, for people saying "there aren't many shootings, but other massacres for sure" I mean yeah there is the 2016 Berlin truck attack, the Duisburg massacre in 2007, and the Bosphorus serial murders from 2000 to 2007. So still in the single digits. Even if there are more, it's orders of magnitudes lower than what happens in the US in a single year, or even month. So for all of you Americans, I hope things get better, and I'm sure that they will some day. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost someone in one of these attacks, no matter if it involved guns or not.
user deleteddd
user deleteddd Månad sedan
I can see the practicality of this system great work to both of you.
Derby Mods
Derby Mods Månad sedan
I don't wanna be microwaved
Derby Mods
Derby Mods Månad sedan
eeeeeek the trigger discipline in the thumbnail 😂
T Spin
T Spin Månad sedan
Why do I hate the name chadd
fuhnyboypedro Månad sedan
Dustin is such a good guy
Synkratic Månad sedan
I understand the gun was probably unloaded but trigger dicipline my dude. You get comfortable with that finger on the trigger things can go wrong. "Never put you finger on the trigger unless you are going to pull it"
Adventure One
Adventure One Månad sedan
SEmost then licenses this technology and uses it to identify and demonetize nearly all gun videos...
Casey Michel
Casey Michel Månad sedan
Not sure how this helps stop school shootings if it doesnt look through bags or clothes... seems like by the time the system is alerting the authorities it’s too late... I’m all for the forth amendment but I care more about children’s lives
MARF BEATS Månad sedan
How about 3d scanning all the guns possible and run virtual video of a man and diffenrent holding position of the gun
Give everyone a gun
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson Månad sedan
im gonna be honest dude id feel way more comfortable if it could see through your clothes
Dale Sides
Dale Sides Månad sedan
I am truly impressed with the amount of detail and conscious effort you make toward gun safety and stating the weapon is on safe or the weapon is clear. Thank you for actively demonstrating the safety techniques we should all use if we decide to carry or handle a weapon.
MyName JEFF Månad sedan
Can It detect my 120mm smooth bore cannon?
oliver24x Månad sedan
I think a certain amount of false positives is fine for the proposed scenario where it's to give real time information on a persons whereabouts, someone would shift through all incoming data fast and quickly determine what's true and false. However it needs a lot more training until it's at an alert based scenario where a notification almost certainly means an active firearm. Is there an update on this project?
Noxious Ophidian
Noxious Ophidian 2 månader sedan
It is completely useless tool for this age and is a dangerous one when distributed to the public. It has its uses in special situations, and it is completely not required in everyday life. It is completely illogical and stupid to own one and talk about safety. Humans are unpredictable creatures and we hurt each other in impulse and when given enough thought we usually resolve to peaceful resolutions, and guns just make the impulsive action a lot more dangerous. No one is getting smarter every day being 'diplomatic' about guns!
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 2 månader sedan
Thank you.👍
Pao-pao Hack
Pao-pao Hack 2 månader sedan
So it is useless 😂😂😂 If some one wants to kill they will not show their guns in public.. They if they show it. They have 5 seconds to start killing people. And your too Late 😂😂😂
Medic 6934
Medic 6934 2 månader sedan
Destin you're pointing that gun at me. You have flagged me quite a few times....
Samuele Valente
Samuele Valente 2 månader sedan
For me the best way to protect from a guns is not have guns... fortunately I live in a state where there are a lot of problem, but no guns.. it’s crazy to my that basically every one can have a gun and in any time some crazy person can shot someone in a school.. in any case nice video
Christopher Wells
Christopher Wells 2 månader sedan
I Could see this technology eventually helping patrol officers in a shoot /don’t shoot situation . Of course this would be way down the road after the technology has evolved and been accepted by society.
James Monahan
James Monahan 2 månader sedan
I thought I saw a passive gun detector system in a gun magazine back in the late '80s
TiKToK Shorts
TiKToK Shorts 2 månader sedan
I wish they used this and knifes for subway security. NYPD is having a real problem lately.
Drew Leslie
Drew Leslie 2 månader sedan
What if a criminal, say a school shooter, just put the gun in a holester
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer 2 månader sedan
I bet it won't track a black gun being held by a person with black skin.
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer 2 månader sedan
Prove that School shootings are real Oh, you got the information from CNN which is openly admitted to be ran by the U.S. Pentagon. (Fake News) Google: Crisis Actors
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer 2 månader sedan
The only people that have a problem with Americans being armed are the people in the U.S. Government that have been knighted by the Queen of England.
Sam J
Sam J 2 månader sedan
Nice trigger finger in the thumbnail
zac richmond
zac richmond 2 månader sedan
Guns have one use. To kill. Why do we need to kill each other.
Daniel Donaldson
Daniel Donaldson 2 månader sedan
I really love this channel, so finding a video on this topic was not surprising but intriguing. It's definitely an engineer's view, of course, that's the whole idea of the channel. But I think you can't engineer you way out of some problems. You frame the discussion in terms of the Second Amendment, which is a thing that no other other countries have. They also don't generally have the problem that the US is plagued with - dead children in school corridors. I don't actually think this is simple causality: the Second Amendment doesn't cause school shootings. But there is a clear correlation, and I think that the relationship is the result of the use that the Secord Amendment has, through its interpretations. This is where the US's situation as the only country that addresses guns in this particular way becomes problematic. Without implementations of similar constitutional rights, the way the Second Amendment is used boils down to the current prevailing interpretation of the amendment. Your way of dealing with it can't be judged as aberrational or normative, because there is no class of similar things. But undeniably, your outcomes are shockingly aberrational: other civilzed people don't live the way you do. The interpretation of the Second comes down to what specific cases are brought before the courts, and ultimately the Supreme Court. When asked to rule on the Second Amendment, the courts are constrained, usually by the context the case being heard provides. The striking thing about this for a non United States citizen (I'm Canadian), is that that interpretation supports a hazy agreement to the premise, but doesn't examine the larger context - because the specific context of the test cases brought did not invite that. The NRA, and other advocacy groups have steered this interpretation, and have caused the current interpretation to be focused on an individual mandate to own a gun inherent in the 2nd. The verbiage about militias, well regulated, the temporal considerations, the historical conditions that framed its use are ignored. You only have to look at the Third Amendment to understand that these instruments are not always documents for the ages, but, frankly, hacks in some cases. The Second is one of those, but its use has changed. Here's the basic, non-engineering problem: a sovereign state is an entity that holds a monopoly on violence. To be absolutely clear about this, a state is not an entity that gains, after its establishment, such a monopoly: the monopoly is the state. Starting with Hobbes, who the so called Founding Fathers knew the writings of intimately, the monopoly on violence is the state. So in my reading the current interpretation, - expressed in any number of memes there for the reading January 6 in Washington - the Second Amendment is seen permitting any minority group of citizens to take up arms against a government that they, in their wisdom, declare to be despotic. This, in itself is a contradiction that the framers were exceedingly unlikely to have endorsed. And that was not the interpretation of the courts, on the few occasions that the Second found itself being interpreted, prior to the end of the Second World War. But that interpretation of the Second is a very useful tool, in that it provides an unanswerable base to assert any kind of gun ownership at all, which is how most advocates for gun rights will, eventually, line up. All you have to do is accept the absurd proposition that a state would willingly not only permit, but encourage the preparation for, competing forces, fully armed, intent on using violence, to challenge the integrity of the entity that grants them that same right. Most people's, and perhaps that includes Destin's views may be much more nuanced, but there's no nuanced interpretation from the Supreme Court available: if you want to keep your guns, you're forced to take the current maximalist position. That means that many people of good faith find themselves in the same boat as some pretty dangerous people, and artificially separated by gun policy from people they agree with. No wonder the moderate struggles to be heard in your country. In turn, this makes the gun rights tent a really big tent, one that holds the responsible gun owners, and the lunatic fringe, the Minutemen, the Militias, the preppers, and on down the line. Like the Republican Party's current crisis of direction, it prevents the US policy debate from flourishing, and seeking actual solutions, while holding the moderates hostage. I'm writing this all here, because Destin's dedication and sincerity is as always on full view, and it's great. As a person whose rationalist credentials are impeccable, I see him as someone who is not on the other side of politics from me - even though, I, like most Canadians, and in fact most people everywhere, think guns are a blight, and a symptom of unaddressed problems. This is the problem with the existing maximalist view of the Second, for Americans. We don't have the problem that you're trying to solve. What I'm trying to say is that the Second Amendment is another form of engineering, political engineering, done originally on sound engineering principles, but recently overadapted, and modified beyond its safe operating limits, and still running on the original fitness for use certification. The Gun Detector is a response to, and an implicit acceptance of, the misapplication of basic principles, like a terrible computer patch meant to keep fundamentally flawed code running. It can be well engineered, but it can't repair the underlying broken system it's meant to extend.
M P 2 månader sedan
Love your attitude at the beginning Dustin! Too many people simply turn the other way rather than have an intelligent discussion. It’s sad but watching your channel builds my faith in humanity
James Kenney
James Kenney 2 månader sedan
I live in the UK almost no one is allowed gun, even most of the police don't have them. You get a minimum of 5 years in prison just for having a gun in your possession, even more if you have ammo or actually use it. Just saying how it is, but American gun culture its interesting to me because 99.9% of Brits cannot own a gun and we don't miss what we never had.
Siaw Richard
Siaw Richard 2 månader sedan
Since this is a gun video, i humbly suggest we feature Matt from DemolitionRanch
Sebastian D
Sebastian D 2 månader sedan
How can the system ever allocate 100% certainty?
Sebastian D
Sebastian D 2 månader sedan
So, if there is a bitten apple on the gun, the system would think it is a smartphone? Does not appear too useful.
Filip Skotnica
Filip Skotnica 2 månader sedan
4:14 So a terrorist simply puts the gun in aluminum foil or case, and all you'll catch are a few terrorists who don't and a LOT of innocent people w/guns (who won't typically put foil around their everyday carry gun) Breakdown: Most people carrying regularly aren't going to do that, but terrorists will... all you would catch is a mix of: - innocent people w/guns - innocent people w/guns in gun-prohibited zones (carrying with good intentions) - dumb terrorists w/guns in gun-prohibited zones (carrying with bad intentions, not knowing about microwaves) People you won't catch: - people without guns - smarter terrorists w/guns that use foils or cases to avoid detections - terrorists w/bombs in backpacks (that look like water bottles for example)
Badger 2 månader sedan
How would this system react to something like a glue gun, or other things similar to guns, such as infrared thermometers?
Nathan Bigsby
Nathan Bigsby Månad sedan
It won't even detect rifles
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner 2 månader sedan
Illegally concealed highly dangerous weapons are very important reason why you ought to care more about public spaces being observable. The fourth amendment was written in an era where seeing through clothes (or walls) was punishable by being burned to death because technology was considered evil.
Daniel DiBono
Daniel DiBono 2 månader sedan
Just don't have it "neutralize" the gun threat. That could have some downsides.
Widur 2 månader sedan
Most countries on earth don't have such problems with gun violence, like the USA does. The solution to the gun problem is quite obvious. I like engineering but i think that overengineering a solution tó a problem that shouldn't exist on the first place isn't really a solution, it is an excuse. I know this is a heated topic, but hearing from a country that managed to start a space program and fly someone to the moon within a decade, that getting rid of guns is impossible and unnecessary is really unbelievable.
Immanuel Funes
Immanuel Funes 2 månader sedan
I just Love that intro its actually great
Marijn Vorsters
Marijn Vorsters 2 månader sedan
Why do you own a gun?
Bombie A
Bombie A 2 månader sedan
Isn’t it too late if the detection only happens when it is about to be used? What is the point of it then?
BigPaaryna 2 månader sedan
Can it detect a bazooka or a katana tho ?
Nemo 74
Nemo 74 2 månader sedan
Wanna get rid of school shootings? Get rid of the fbi and cia. Problem solved.
asddsaaassddd 2 månader sedan
now the devil in me is saying someone could use GANs to develop paint patterns to defeat such systems depicted in the video
Schnemley 2 månader sedan
Meanwhile in 2021 where this is at the top of my For You page...
lawrance hernandez
lawrance hernandez 2 månader sedan
It looked like the software was having a hard time distinguishing a pistol with the slide locked to the rear. Was that true or was the pistol not close enough to the camera?
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