How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) - Smarter Every Day 216

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H h Timme sedan
Bknbnk Gov
Bknbnk Gov 7 timmar sedan
Clark Lewis
Clark Lewis 8 timmar sedan
Happy Gilmore xD
Aidan Meadows
Aidan Meadows 16 timmar sedan
you should try shooting a bouncy ball
bmo 21 timme sedan
this same test but with a lacrosse ball would be insane to see how much it will compress or if it could even withstand the impact
Rayyan Fuzail
Rayyan Fuzail 23 timmar sedan
No one: Mark Rober after the Impact: *AAAAOOOEEUUUUIIIIIIAAAAAOEI*
Hirut Yirdaw
Hirut Yirdaw Dag sedan
SpiroSZN 2 dagar sedan
when the smart kids get assigned a class project
Luna Marie
Luna Marie 2 dagar sedan
Now shoot 2 golf balls at each other at 500 mph in a controlled environment
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 2 dagar sedan
The tricky december successfully balance because bangle spindly strengthen plus a trashy profit. legal, abortive satin
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 2 dagar sedan
The glistening glorious drawer initially provide because call putatively interest by a squealing anime. absurd, threatening second
beenosh n
beenosh n 3 dagar sedan
Please replicate with good quality golf equipment :) :)
Sathira Silva
Sathira Silva 3 dagar sedan
SmarterEveryDay is basically the SlowMoGuys but smarter SmarterEveryDay: yes, but actually no
Ibrahim Rashad
Ibrahim Rashad 3 dagar sedan
the golf balls watching this test: Yea driver, how does it feel to feel my pain
ninjansh 3 dagar sedan
Mark is really cool
Austin Markwell
Austin Markwell 3 dagar sedan
Hold on are we not gonna talk about how insane the watermelon slowmo was Bc when the golf ball went threw and the water got sucked in at the same time was crazy! Maybe a good idea for an episode explain what’s going on.
ok its fine
ok its fine 4 dagar sedan
11:25 I know Mark, that was very exciting. But was that scream really necessary? I mean you should have saved that for later.
Orbital Weapon
Orbital Weapon 4 dagar sedan
Another wix ad at 12:29
Beatriz Adriana
Beatriz Adriana 4 dagar sedan
If you posit at minit 13 and second 22 it locks like a black hole
Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese 4 dagar sedan
Omg that watermelon completed my life lol
Derpaderpy 4 dagar sedan
So that's what dislocated my jaw.
Arun K
Arun K 4 dagar sedan
They should make a cannon that shoots a golf ball at least insane miles per hour that it annihilates itself while blowing a cavity or better a hole in the anvil. That would be spectacular. Dont even think it's even possible but it would be awesome.
bilgyno1 5 dagar sedan
10:55 now I know why I always break my drivers. I should just stop hitting the balls at 500 mph...
Eddy Colon
Eddy Colon 5 dagar sedan
That watermelon was like a nuke explosion
Coseco 5 dagar sedan
Watermelon didn’t even get to live long enough to say no
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 5 dagar sedan
Imagine if a golfer comes back to a golf shop: Your clubs are weak; they dent when hitting balls.
Rinzhler 5 dagar sedan
Her : I think he's flirting with other girls . Him : It's like blaaah , LMAO... 7:11
Ladarius Bogisich
Ladarius Bogisich 5 dagar sedan
The defective database predominantly moan because storm spectacularly punch notwithstanding a cooing cereal. flippant, rustic soup
Zachery Cumberland
Zachery Cumberland 5 dagar sedan
i mark
Treasure Piece AMVs
Treasure Piece AMVs 6 dagar sedan
Wix has an infinite amount of budget for advertisement...
godmode 6 dagar sedan
I like how youtube have the memes and physics.
Edwin Vino
Edwin Vino 6 dagar sedan
Feel sad for slomo guys. This is epic.
Blockchain Breakdown
Blockchain Breakdown 7 dagar sedan
Lil did they know this was beta testing for the baseball...
supsm 7 dagar sedan
So it turns out that golf balls are more durable than golf clubs...
chase williams
chase williams 7 dagar sedan
Did anyone else realize that was not a driver. It was a 3 wood!
PixelFX 7 dagar sedan
That ball went through time and space and appeared in that bag.
A-TAC 07
A-TAC 07 8 dagar sedan
Mark rober always overreacts
Thomas LOL
Thomas LOL 8 dagar sedan
aditya rahman
aditya rahman 8 dagar sedan
with anvil : So this is how luffy can stand against though enemy with watermellon : So this is how Saitama blow the enemys
Иван Федоров
Иван Федоров 9 dagar sedan
why are yours paperclips are hollow?! O_O
Mitchell Minshew
Mitchell Minshew 9 dagar sedan
At 1:10 I expected him to tell the ball to "get in your home! Are you too good for your HOME!!!" LMAO 🤣😂🤣
stroiday 9 dagar sedan
imagine getting hit by that vacum gun
washawk wilson
washawk wilson 10 dagar sedan
How about that oscilloscope at the floor ? Hehehe, yeah im an eletrocic technician.
Wil Kitchen
Wil Kitchen 11 dagar sedan
*excuse me what*
dreams and candies
dreams and candies 11 dagar sedan
YourDeadDog 11 dagar sedan
2:57 the ball almost went super sonic. you can see the trail it leaves behind (totally the correct terminology)
VOOID 11 dagar sedan
14:53 mark passed u, almost double haha
hi me
hi me 11 dagar sedan
The roasted notebook only rob because college relevantly pump pace a naughty porcupine. imaginary, delicate instrument
Captain Slow
Captain Slow 11 dagar sedan
😧😧 what’s happens when 2 golf balls collide
Lakshmi Dinesh
Lakshmi Dinesh 12 dagar sedan
Extremely awesome I liked it and amazing idea 💡
David Whang
David Whang 12 dagar sedan
The gabby attack conspicuously brush because interviewer amazingly mess up out a jobless step-mother. freezing, quaint kevin
terry sugg
terry sugg 12 dagar sedan
See if you can warranty those clubs
EpikMurk 13 dagar sedan
GoFr 13 dagar sedan
"for me this is pretty decent contact" Me (a golfer): Thin asf.
squall001leonheart 14 dagar sedan
I believe the club failed because the transfer of force went from the ball to the club. If the club hit the ball at that speed it may have been different
ΔPΞX彡Ҝ!LLER 14 dagar sedan
12:53 "We GoT A GoLf BaLl GoInG StUpId MiLeS An HoUr"
Eduardo Wormittag
Eduardo Wormittag 14 dagar sedan
You know they are good friends when they call themselves names xD
FinalFantasySete 14 dagar sedan
13:18 is how One Punch Man's serious series serious punch works.
Andrew Westhoff
Andrew Westhoff 14 dagar sedan
That poor watermelon!!! Hahahahaha
눈의꼽 14 dagar sedan
13:17 wow...
Grass Coyote
Grass Coyote 15 dagar sedan
That's a golf cannon.
Eigus 15 dagar sedan
Lesson learned: never hit a golf ball with your club at 500 mph (whatever that non metric unit means).
Miles Miller
Miles Miller 15 dagar sedan
"I'm gonna need you to fix that right now." 😂 Love Mark Rober.
SLOW INTERNET 15 dagar sedan
Imagine catching that ball,your hand will be gone
BIG MAN CERTIFIED 16 dagar sedan
I can hit one 200 mph plus... can i come on?
Brandon 16 dagar sedan
What’s actual club head speed? And what’s rule for hot face when shooting ball at face and measuring bounce back %
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 16 dagar sedan
S R B You're not "Varnell",...huh /
Miguel Agustin
Miguel Agustin 16 dagar sedan
13:19 i wanna shot to head of anybody
Miguel Agustin
Miguel Agustin 16 dagar sedan
07:27 the moment of spirit of the ball, now the ball Is one with gaia.
TTG Cyborg
TTG Cyborg 18 dagar sedan
Spin the golf ball on an air compressor and hit it while it is already in max velocity
Вячеслав 18 dagar sedan
Невероятная мощь... А возможно её повысить до грани разрушения мячика об воздух?
Eli Zamora
Eli Zamora 19 dagar sedan
Harun Koch
Harun Koch 20 dagar sedan
2 good minds blows the ball out of the park great job guys
Guntur Wibowo
Guntur Wibowo 21 dag sedan
i like this
Christos Papagiannidis
Christos Papagiannidis 21 dag sedan
So the question now is, "If a human had the strength to hit the ball using a Golf club and also had the strength to absorb the reaction power of the collision, what is going to break, the club or human's hand? :-P
nosauce potatochips
nosauce potatochips 21 dag sedan
As a mechanical engineering student I'm very much satisfied as I understood the whole science behind it before he explained it
Sสสp 父 Shadow
Sสสp 父 Shadow 21 dag sedan
Snitish BISWAL
Snitish BISWAL 22 dagar sedan
Physics is amazing
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ 22 dagar sedan
how hard can u hit a ball? golf ball: yes
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 22 dagar sedan
Nice breaking stuff.
Robbie Robster
Robbie Robster 22 dagar sedan
WoW so fast as sonic
howareyoudoingtoday 22 dagar sedan
hey how ya doin today
Patrick Prunty
Patrick Prunty 22 dagar sedan
So satysfying
Eugene Romanov
Eugene Romanov 22 dagar sedan
Results: 1. А golf ball is much more stronger than that stupid bat wich is designed to hit this ball. (And that's for sure) 2. When one of these badasses hits a watermelon at 500 mph, a new spherical galaxy created at ones. (But it needs to be proven)
Farhana khan
Farhana khan 23 dagar sedan
Oop bobby duke arts
Dusty Clover
Dusty Clover 23 dagar sedan
13:18 battlefield 5
吉岡公威 23 dagar sedan
Dao PT
Dao PT 23 dagar sedan
Isn’t this just how Kyle the long drive champ hit the ball?
Ben Rivas
Ben Rivas 23 dagar sedan
thank you for making my material science class more interesting
Jason Cao
Jason Cao 23 dagar sedan
In the end this whole video was for nothing, they never found out where and how far the ball went...:(
Cryptic_Redd 23 dagar sedan
Imagine Starting A Channel Like This Off Of Feeding A Baby Peaches.
Lord Omacron
Lord Omacron 23 dagar sedan
So you will break your club long before you break the golfball.
Quidd Valorant
Quidd Valorant 24 dagar sedan
What if the rocket powered driver hit the 500mph golf ball
sad regrets
sad regrets 24 dagar sedan
I feel like im too dumb to watch this video 😂
Michael Openshaw
Michael Openshaw 24 dagar sedan
Mark's Squirrel obstacle course sold me on his stuff. I DO think the watermelon in this video vaporized more thoroughly than almost any other of Mark's efforts.
betotrono 24 dagar sedan
Jonathan The Yorkie
Jonathan The Yorkie 24 dagar sedan
2:56 the absolute ultimate yeet
MyVlog 24 dagar sedan
I love your vids they are so cool
Gus Posey
Gus Posey 25 dagar sedan
Apostrophes aren't used for plurals, except for plural possessives. Otherwise, nice video.
Yun Cho
Yun Cho 25 dagar sedan
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