The Mystery of Magnetic Worms - Smarter Every Day 253

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SmarterEveryDay 18 dagar sedan
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Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade 6 timmar sedan
28 seconds in... and my guess is earth worms and rolly pollies job is to eat out the metals in the soil that could be harmful to humans. Naturally they are now ionized from it
BYoutube888 13 timmar sedan
Could you make an RSS feed in addition to the email list?
girafa51 3 dagar sedan
Hey, Destin! Video suggestion here: Why does a thin stream of water (falling from the faucet for instance) form ripples before touching an object. Surely the surface tension has a role in it, but I can't understand how the molecules interact against the gravity. Greetings from Brazil 🙏
Dev Desai
Dev Desai 4 dagar sedan
Can I get a baseball without patreon please!
Koda Kincade
Koda Kincade 4 dagar sedan
Gabe G Gabe from the slo mo guys did it lol how weird
negrotski 12 minuter sedan
The algorithm totally disappeared this channel from me jeeze, just got reminded by the Slo Mo Guys 👊💪🔥Email list, great idea!
TheLadySamantha Timme sedan
Yeah... That kind of makes me mad too!
THE SON OF DARKNESS 2 timmar sedan
They Eat Dirt...
Justus M
Justus M 4 timmar sedan
What I wonna know is what you were doing with worms and magnets before all this?
Ivan Georgiev
Ivan Georgiev 5 timmar sedan
Humans laughing- hehheheheehe Worms laughing - FeFeFeFeFeFe
Achmad Hanif
Achmad Hanif 7 timmar sedan
I wonder why i am not seeing ur vid for long time end up that because the algorithm
Joshua Florescu
Joshua Florescu 7 timmar sedan
the worm im getting abducted by aliens
Midean Stone
Midean Stone 9 timmar sedan
This and Kurzgesagt are the two best channels on youtube!
S[t]even Day
S[t]even Day 12 timmar sedan
They want to end my family? Can anyone ex plane?
BYoutube888 13 timmar sedan
Could you make an RSS feed in addition to the email list? It could like to the same place as the email list, and should be relatively simple to get setup
박성재 13 timmar sedan
Well, the worm are "eating" the sands and as we know that there are so many "iron" on the sand. Just like when you accidentally dropped your magnet on the ground and some sands are attracted to the magnet. So that "sands" are the reason.
Abdul Rehman Khan
Abdul Rehman Khan 15 timmar sedan
just google it
hxhdfj ifzir st c
hxhdfj ifzir st c 15 timmar sedan
I have this vague memory of some kid in a children's book using a magnet to gather worms... Maybe something like Homer Price or Henry Huggins...
Mahmood Said
Mahmood Said 15 timmar sedan
its a wrrrm
Innis S
Innis S 16 timmar sedan
This must be the worm equivalent of going into an MRI after swallowing a spoon. Kind of horrifying in a way
Sailaja E
Sailaja E 19 timmar sedan
I watched the entire video without looking at the video
MrZeroHero 19 timmar sedan
Yo what.
Suniixx Sav
Suniixx Sav 19 timmar sedan
I saw a tik tok where a Man was Using a magnet to pick up iron from dirt. Is it possible there is some iron in/on the worm, where it is enough to be pulled by the magnet?
Monta Tracy
Monta Tracy 20 timmar sedan
Before I watch this video, I'm gonna take a guess of why the worm is magnetic. I think it has something to do with the iron rich soil that it lives in.
KantanLabs 20 timmar sedan
There is a very simple straitforward explanation: Worms blood is known to cary much more hemoglobin than our own blood and as hemoglobin contain some iron atoms.......
Ayyash Ayyash
Ayyash Ayyash 21 timme sedan
how do u know ur not causing her harm?!!!
TheWise Old_Chicken
TheWise Old_Chicken 22 timmar sedan
Yeah just to let you know putting a magnet on it makes it feel intense pain...
Spriteless Myself
Spriteless Myself 23 timmar sedan
Did not get email list, but did bookmark your website.
T Powers
T Powers 23 timmar sedan
PETA has entered the chat
Im Dunes
Im Dunes Dag sedan
"was this on the ground?" I feel like you are way to smart to say that lol
The Searcher Of Channels
The Searcher Of Channels Dag sedan
I just researched about this it seems to be the neuron sensor in them
Zendif Dag sedan
So my initial thought was that the worms found out on the asphalt had ingested a large amount of meteorite dust. One of the things I learned in my Astronomy class back in college was that you could go to a storm drain or any small collection of dirt on the road or top of a parking garage, with a magnet, and pick up perfectly spherical, microscopic bits of iron meteorites. Our planet is being showered with them all of the time, but almost everything that goes through our atmosphere is burned up before it hits the surface and turned to dust. For all the iron that comes from space, that heat and the gravity of the Earth, combined, is enough to turn that iron into a sphere. And that's the fun part about finding them with a microscope. From the sample you grab with your magnet, every little perfect sphere you find under that microscope you can tell, for sure, is a meteorite from outer space :)
Kevin Eontrainer
Kevin Eontrainer Dag sedan
"If our blood is made out of irons then why cant humans be pulled with magnets?"
John gulbarga
John gulbarga Dag sedan
Soil contains iron
Unexposure Dag sedan
owshit i think i found a way to torture a worm around my house
Chubie Lester
Chubie Lester Dag sedan
Cuz they eat dirt which have metal particles in it
Jonathan Dag sedan
What if you used the magnet to guide the iron out of his digestion system
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Dag sedan
Worms are hermaphrodites. It's a he and a she.
Brenden Summers
Brenden Summers Dag sedan
Imagine having your food ripped outta your stomach by a giant magnet
Aaron W
Aaron W Dag sedan
You should seriously consider making a locals account.
Danielle Selino
Danielle Selino Dag sedan
It’s the iron from the dirt
Market Scraper
Market Scraper Dag sedan
This just ruined X-MEN movies... Worms should've been flying!! 🪱 Well... I guess just the worms by your shop 🤣
Wisin Segura-Gonzalez
Wisin Segura-Gonzalez Dag sedan
Omg i think he is dead he is no postín vid
Gary Denison
Gary Denison Dag sedan
I always wanted to know what that multi Colored LED Keypad thing is on the wall. It looks like the keypad from the elevator scene from the movie Speed.
Jackal1412 Dag sedan
Super cool to watch you work through a discovery!
Jackal1412 Dag sedan
Super cool watching you work through a discovery!
LiHam 500
LiHam 500 Dag sedan
It’s because when worms go through the dirt it goes into their digestive system and well we got minerals like iron in the dirt that the magnet picks up that’s probably why the one broke because you pulled it through him/her. But ya that’s my best guess from what prior knowledge I have.
The Bunnisher
The Bunnisher Dag sedan
sfah craft. sg
sfah craft. sg Dag sedan
ليش مافي عرب😿🙀😹😹🇸🇾✌️
Ian Hughes
Ian Hughes Dag sedan
Iron in dirt?
Tanvir ahamed
Tanvir ahamed Dag sedan
in the end there is no meaning of anything except the only one ALMIGHTY so before u use science u should also always believe in HIM first
tropang france
tropang france Dag sedan
Becouse of worm eat soil contain by rock
EvoCyberNation Gaming
EvoCyberNation Gaming Dag sedan
Worms eat different types of sediments. Earthworms are hermaphrodites (not male or female).
Hophead Dag sedan
Hophead Dag sedan
The iron the worm eats in the soil.
cyberryderfx Dag sedan
If you are a worm and just wants to smoothly ramp and suddenly a magnetic field grabs you
ali butt
ali butt Dag sedan
Rakushoe Dag sedan
dude,,, they accumulate metals that's why..
aman 2 dagar sedan
Bear Grylls : That's not tasty!!! But it tastes like rusted iron
Jason Coates
Jason Coates 2 dagar sedan
"This makes me angry because I don't understand it." This is precisely the human condition.
ukaviationimages 2 dagar sedan
A worm is sticky, you were grinding, iron stuck to the worm, personally don’t think they ate the iron.
Another Guy
Another Guy 2 dagar sedan
I'm curious as to how they discovered this to begin with. Looks like a new hobby, is that bug magnetic?
Another Guy
Another Guy 2 dagar sedan
I bet seagulls are magnetic...
ejknight88 2 dagar sedan
They live their life in dirt. Maybe it's the iron in the dirt infused in the worms or something?? Edit: Typed this before I saw the whole video. Before they mentioned the iron.
Joe Heaton
Joe Heaton 2 dagar sedan
" This makes me angry because I don't understand it".. LMAO... That sounds exactly like what I would say.
WIlliam WHite
WIlliam WHite 2 dagar sedan
Just Think, This guy is in charge of the ATF now
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper 2 dagar sedan
What on earth possessed you to put a magnet to an earth worm?????
bossboy killla
bossboy killla 2 dagar sedan
PETA has joined the chat
JAMINGUN 6 2 dagar sedan
This kinda makes sense
David Degraphenreed
David Degraphenreed 2 dagar sedan
Non ferrous worm..LMAO
Seth Bettwizilch
Seth Bettwizilch 2 dagar sedan
Conclusion: worms cannot digest iron
korpse6rinder 2 dagar sedan
Feed iron worms to a lake for a month and see if you can magnet a fish out.
RcFoamFighters 2 dagar sedan
oh the worm shocked me
Ari Dunn
Ari Dunn 2 dagar sedan
What is this witch craft 😮
ĖŁÌÂŚ 2 dagar sedan
Two men playing with magnets and worms, nothing wrong with that
BJ Pro
BJ Pro 2 dagar sedan
I love what Mark Rober did for you on his chanell
Preacher 113
Preacher 113 2 dagar sedan
That's how science works mostly accidents haha
Preacher 113
Preacher 113 2 dagar sedan
Ok wow idk but this is oddly satisfying 2 me 4 some reason idk
Greg Ogletree
Greg Ogletree 2 dagar sedan
“A nonferrous worm” *science*
federico masi
federico masi 2 dagar sedan
Eoghan Dridl
Eoghan Dridl 2 dagar sedan
The iron in their blood no?
ItalianSpaghetti 2 dagar sedan
Metal from the dirt?
DerFailer 2 dagar sedan
That video felt like a fiver dream
Campuerer 3 dagar sedan
Her: He must be thinking about the other girls. Him with the dudes:
Der Domske
Der Domske 3 dagar sedan
Hey guys. Have you talked about this worm "issue" with a professional zoologist? The non magnetic worms seem to look different to me from the magnetic ones - maybe it's got nothing to do with the soil but with the species. I'm not a zoologist or whatsoever - I'm a sport scientist and engineer who knows nothing about animals. However, what I know is that there are such things as magnetosomes - those are small magnetic particles in some living organisms. Migration birds or fish use those magnetosomes to navigate during migration. I can imagine that some worms could be equipped with magnetosomes as well, to navigate underground/ in the dark. Maybe you can go ahead with this small piece of kick-off knowledge and do further experiments or ask a worm specialist ;-) However, I don't know how strong those magnetosomes are and how high the concentration in living organisms is, but I would say that you shouldn't attribute the magnetic effect to the soil at this point of "research" ;-) Best Wishes from Germany Dominic
Jacky Liwag
Jacky Liwag 3 dagar sedan
I just recently discovered that cutting cardboard by rolling it 45 degrees (idk airplane terms) it becomes really easy compared to just cutting it straight on. Can someone explain this I’ve been trying to figure it out for so long now.
Lego Epic
Lego Epic 3 dagar sedan
Now I know why my metal detector was going crazy
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 3 dagar sedan
I was literally asking myself "why would I ever unsubscribe?" Apparently youtube unsubscribed me, this has happened a few times with other channels.
Miguel Borromeo
Miguel Borromeo 3 dagar sedan
Watch this in 2x speed, and he's so much more enthusiastic!
casey hendrick
casey hendrick 3 dagar sedan
Before I watch the video, let me guess: they eat magnetic dirt? With like iron ore?
frammis 3 dagar sedan
Worms need to swallow some grit so they can store it in their crops to help digest food. Maybe they swallowed the iron powder on purpose to store the grit.
Tim Hofstetter
Tim Hofstetter 3 dagar sedan
...and nickel, and... Lots of metals are attracted, to one degree or another, to magnets.
Nathan Alexander
Nathan Alexander 3 dagar sedan
You could use this in a worm farm and put an electromagnet to pick up the worms or you could use it to find iron in the ground if you find ferromagnetic worms very interesting guys Thanks for posting.
Dirty ass diesel Tech
Dirty ass diesel Tech 3 dagar sedan
Worms eat dirt and there is iron in it
skyracer2012 3 dagar sedan
Imagine you search with a metal detector and just find a bunch of those xD
Sheikh Obama
Sheikh Obama 3 dagar sedan
When you said that's a non ferrous worm😂 I almost peed myself 😂😂😂
Shiriaru Kita
Shiriaru Kita 3 dagar sedan
Dirt has small iron pieces in it and you know, they all literally eat dirt...
Kain_niaK 3 dagar sedan
The only way to become a real man is to take the curious boy inside of you along for the journey without ever killing it.
Florjan Channel
Florjan Channel 3 dagar sedan
magnetic part is the soil they have on (stomac) :)
Lord Perkele
Lord Perkele 3 dagar sedan
I was just about to write an SCP file for the ferromagnetic worms
Yoga Armuza
Yoga Armuza 3 dagar sedan
Meteorid hunters use magnet too , for searching extraterresterial rocks, Conclusion: The worm also extraterresterial Lmao
meesalikeu 3 dagar sedan
this one is impor int
RawSiafu 3 dagar sedan
Rub the magnet through the dirt around that area. I use to do that as a kid and would find a lot of small magnet shards more so in some areas and than others.
Bob Schiebel
Bob Schiebel 3 dagar sedan
SEmost goat at it again
9a3eedi 3 dagar sedan
Please consider providing an RSS feed instead! Also consider peertube or odyssey to avoid "the algorithm"
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