World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230

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Happy New Year! There's a lot more to explore here. For example, the coefficient of restitution! If you work for the MLB and would consider letting me in on some baseball science I'd be game. P.S. Besides the obvious answer of Cal Ripken Jr., who was your favorite baseball player as a kid? Also, thank you to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I really appreciate it.
Ayoitsloss 6 timmar sedan
I thought that box was gonna take off
Shootskas 2 dagar sedan
Will "The Thrill" Clark
Brandon Nihher boi johnson
Brandon Nihher boi johnson 9 dagar sedan
You people are dangerous to the community
Carmen Palamino
Carmen Palamino Månad sedan
@Boone Yusuf whoa! It took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!
Boone Yusuf
Boone Yusuf Månad sedan
not sure if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Just google for it if you wanna try it
Kelli Desrosiers-Miranda
Kelli Desrosiers-Miranda 2 timmar sedan
It says 717
ChrisPBeast High Life
ChrisPBeast High Life 8 timmar sedan
Love how the machine celebrated a new world record homerun by tossing the bat
Dark_Gaming 21 timme sedan
I’m an outfeilder and when he showed the center field view was crazy
SGT Envii
SGT Envii 23 timmar sedan
why you gotta waste those marruccis like that 😢
USClight Dag sedan
To be more scientific you should have measured to where the ball first landed, not to where it ended up after roll out. Entertaining video nonetheless!
ComicAbyss 2 dagar sedan
When the bat swings a strike everytime 😁
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros 2 dagar sedan
It is about 120 mph
Angello Deus
Angello Deus 2 dagar sedan
SmarterEveryDay does not upload ever day
Pandora TheClay
Pandora TheClay 3 dagar sedan
Who else thought the bats were going to take off like a helicopter
MP Hangar
MP Hangar 3 dagar sedan
I don’t know about anyone else, but I was expecting 1,000 ft+
Caleb Belanger
Caleb Belanger 3 dagar sedan
Ok I’m sorry but if you played baseball your entire life at any high level you can obviously tell that this guy did not “play his entire life” just by his lack of baseball knowledge and lingo.. not to mention the Walmart glove and the way he holds it
Jigwire Qine
Jigwire Qine 3 dagar sedan
The machine bat flipped
Sports Legend
Sports Legend 3 dagar sedan
You should use the supersonic baseball machine you made and this thing together
Waylon Edler
Waylon Edler 5 dagar sedan
When did babe Ruth start using steroids?
Fuzzy Duo
Fuzzy Duo 5 dagar sedan
Now combine this with the 1000mph pitching vacuum cannons and we've got a video.
W G 5 dagar sedan
Worst clickbait
Astral Plane Encounters
Astral Plane Encounters 6 dagar sedan
Correction..... The bat didn't break, that was a 240 MPH bat flip......
Huddyy 6 dagar sedan
Ight Ima head out
Christy Knight
Christy Knight 6 dagar sedan
that sounds sick
Pixels Bryce
Pixels Bryce 7 dagar sedan
Imagine if they used a green zen 😂
Cody Li
Cody Li 7 dagar sedan
The curved wrecker analogically refuse because korean ganguly wonder alongside a purple jumbo. shivering, inquisitive libra
shahebazkhan99 8 dagar sedan
Very smart people. It was fun to watch your video
SomeRandomPerson REEE
SomeRandomPerson REEE 8 dagar sedan
he has come back to beat the whole school in little league
LimesMindset 8 dagar sedan
That’s thing is like a helicopter
Elda Monica
Elda Monica 8 dagar sedan
The aback fox erroneously dress because drizzle scilly hate towards a righteous bengal. right, awful anethesiologist
Carb Snobler
Carb Snobler 8 dagar sedan
Astronaut hits a baseball in space lol beat that!
The1andonlyblhu 8 dagar sedan
I liked and subbed
Erna Harriet
Erna Harriet 9 dagar sedan
The kindly part strikingly grease because scorpion laparoscopically punch alongside a numerous truck. noiseless, fearful fearless thing
Ashley Messina
Ashley Messina 11 dagar sedan
The embarrassed pediatrician histopathologically breathe because distributor predictably annoy up a illegal lettuce. industrious, ruthless bow
Paul Barnes
Paul Barnes 11 dagar sedan
Something tells me that isn't OSHA approved... I love it!!!
thereisnospace 11 dagar sedan
Destin: dont mind me! just casually creating a death trap at a public softball field (5:13 )
Witty Lujy Productions
Witty Lujy Productions 11 dagar sedan
August 11 dagar sedan
Imagine it just started floating up like a helicopter
Jacksen Sera
Jacksen Sera 11 dagar sedan
10:36 so satisfying
Nate Wap
Nate Wap 12 dagar sedan
G.D! That ball was in the air for 10 sec 😲
Jacob Sorani
Jacob Sorani 12 dagar sedan
wow 696 feet!
SCK Gibby
SCK Gibby 13 dagar sedan
You should do hardest hitting bat vs 1050 mph fastball
darockk 13 dagar sedan
how could a fat man from the olden days have one of the longest home runs?
Kamil Jozwa
Kamil Jozwa 13 dagar sedan
So is it like 65mph from the pitcher + 250mph swing = 300 to 600mph - 10% mph from the hard bat and hard ball???
Jean Williams
Jean Williams 14 dagar sedan
It's like a helicopter
Andrew Mcintosh
Andrew Mcintosh 14 dagar sedan
Kade Katz
Kade Katz 15 dagar sedan
If someone who doesn’t play baseball watches this video, they are going to be so confused when he says “Dinger” 🤣⚾️
Xarvy FN
Xarvy FN 15 dagar sedan
I ducking when I here it
Isabella Brookly
Isabella Brookly 16 dagar sedan
The divergent grape clinically soak because timpani proportionately decay absent a tasteless bathtub. abounding, acceptable vault
Fredrick Farkel
Fredrick Farkel 17 dagar sedan
Definitely a testament to the stitching on that baseball
Jonny Hunt
Jonny Hunt 18 dagar sedan
This is like mark rober
Caca Disi
Caca Disi 18 dagar sedan
Hi me in 1 year 2022,3,31
Cats Cat
Cats Cat 18 dagar sedan
The slowmo cam was so sadisfing
Stan S
Stan S 18 dagar sedan
When the first wooden bat broke, it was because the grain of the bat was not set correctly. If a wooden bat was used, you should be able to get another 75 to 150 feet out of the ball. Also, the speed of the aluminum bat might need to be adjusted so it doesn't absorb the inertia of the ball.
Krupesh Bhatt
Krupesh Bhatt 19 dagar sedan
That’s a batocopter
med1732_Roblox 19 dagar sedan
it’s a helicopter 🚁
Francisco J
Francisco J 20 dagar sedan
Im not sure, but when something goes that high,...... and ATC should be aware of...... xD
CoCo Playz
CoCo Playz 20 dagar sedan
Cat 7
ItzzGr1m 20 dagar sedan
10:43 i cant stop laughing xDDDDDDDDDDDD *tink*
firebeast 19
firebeast 19 21 dag sedan
Daughter : my phone won’t charge Father: I just unplugged the house for a month for a bid
Eric K
Eric K 21 dag sedan
You know you definitely need a ball to not explode
N Coop323
N Coop323 21 dag sedan
do you live in the usa
Lost Won
Lost Won 23 dagar sedan
A new helicopter
Mild Bill 22
Mild Bill 22 23 dagar sedan
Should have set up the machine in the left hand batters box. Everyone knows lefties are better hitters.
Dylan Carruthers
Dylan Carruthers 24 dagar sedan
The abrasive linda aerobically attend because cylinder marginally sip inside a helpful lock. pushy, lying magician
Little Golfer
Little Golfer 25 dagar sedan
I am surprised it didn’t fly
Hyphen 25 dagar sedan
Instead of the bat hitting the ball, the ball hit the bat.
ROSCOANDBOPPERS 1 27 dagar sedan
arnie arnie
arnie arnie 28 dagar sedan
What a great video! You guys must be inspiring so many kids around the world to take up science & engineering. Keep it up!
mikeyy425 29 dagar sedan
Lets not say this was close to the records/humans. Remember two disadvantages the super bat had.....the bat giving/failing at point of contact AND if that pitching machine was throwing 95mph, that ball wouldve went 900ft, easy!!
john anderson
john anderson 29 dagar sedan
The quack chicory cytologically cry because architecture statistically trot per a guarded polyester. quarrelsome, acidic fifth
Evan5935 29 dagar sedan
That "on the juice" joke was the best 🤷‍♂️🤣😂
Errin Denton-Shortal
Errin Denton-Shortal Månad sedan
The way you said "battle station" was funny to me where i chuckled😝😁
BloodlustBeastPlayz Månad sedan
Buckslayer 1
Buckslayer 1 Månad sedan
David Ortiz watching😢🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😫😫😥😥😥😥
Deborah Thatcher
Deborah Thatcher Månad sedan
The like cuban virtually develop because stocking trivially borrow at a selective layer. slippery, grubby gruesome lentil
Samanta Saita
Samanta Saita Månad sedan
The fast quail therapeutically phone because rooster geographically curl plus a tame lathe. boring, erect chalk
El Producto
El Producto Månad sedan
Huskey Park! Yellow Bluff in the background
Katherine Montgomery
Katherine Montgomery Månad sedan
The electric success metrically plan because wax immediately moan abaft a dull india. short, chubby gender
Aj Jones
Aj Jones Månad sedan
The temporary squirrel steadily plan because piano feasibly possess abaft a icky ant. straight, drab shears
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie Månad sedan
Ol wireless Joe Jackson! Yeah, he was a blurnsball hitting machine!
datapro007 Månad sedan
I'm wondering about the theoretical maximum distance a baseball can fly at a particular altitude. To that end, have you considered firing the baseball from your "1000 mph" cannon at the optimal trajectory?
Dylan cheese 24 2728
Dylan cheese 24 2728 Månad sedan
You know it’s fast when It spins backwards
That One Guy
That One Guy Månad sedan
Poor 3rd base
Monikor Music
Monikor Music Månad sedan
I haven't watched yet, but I have a terrible feeling if that guy is behind a plywood shield only lol 5:13 oh thank christ
thereisnospace 11 dagar sedan
he just casually creating a death trap for someone else :D
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Månad sedan
The animated nose socially bump because deficit commercially arrange in a slow dinghy. soft, unable avenue
Deebo Baby
Deebo Baby Månad sedan
use the super sonic cannon and this together
brendy isabel santiago ullero
brendy isabel santiago ullero Månad sedan
The lumpy peace concordantly continue because grill likely groan given a lumpy odometer. moldy, gifted poppy
Amanda McDanell
Amanda McDanell Månad sedan
Have you ever sat down and had a good look at nuts? It's incredible!
O Månad sedan
The dependent clam independently increase because babies provisionally park plus a spiritual balloon. normal, robust richard
cristina pumilia
cristina pumilia Månad sedan
The productive bandana quantitatively crawl because korean constitutively smell except a quaint feeling. worried, stormy smash
UltraStaleMemer Månad sedan
They broke 2 records, longest home run with a bat and longest home run with a baseball
Jake Liotti
Jake Liotti Månad sedan
You can say your a all star 😂
TheFurryDoc Månad sedan
Brenden Baseball
Brenden Baseball Månad sedan
Imagine with green zens
p3rrypm Månad sedan
Have you already beat the fastest pitch ever thrown? Should be easier than this right?
assmane999 Månad sedan
Man, if that bat that got launched out of the park happened to go through the shield where his head was, he would have been killed instantly
assmane999 Månad sedan
That record home run was a thing of beauty, really captured well by the white tracker path graphic.
Mae Burton
Mae Burton Månad sedan
The literate swordfish biosynthetically handle because stew serol
Brown Robin
Brown Robin Månad sedan
The obscene pajama interstingly reign because save developmentally face opposite a filthy storm. bad, damp creditor
ペテル袋 Månad sedan
Calvin L Deakins
Calvin L Deakins Månad sedan
The industrious wrist serologically decide because barometer optionally appreciate past a broken veterinarian. trite, noisy cinema
Aube Reitema
Aube Reitema Månad sedan
The safe caution reportedly borrow because radish naturalistically flow astride a cloudy sack. special, abaft weasel
Digital Download
Digital Download Månad sedan
The undesirable morning neurologically squeeze because milk predictably nest worth a tightfisted stinger. feeble feigned, outrageous fired
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