Crawling Down A Torpedo Tube -US NAVY Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 241

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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
Here's a video about loading and firing a harpoon missile from the USS Olympia (I filmed the impact):
Read more about torpedo tubes here:
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SmarterEveryDay 5 månader sedan
When I boarded the USS Toledo I did not know I was going to be given the opportunity to crawl down a torpedo tube. Honestly I was thinking I would have a conversation with someone about the periscope or something but it did not occur to me that when you are under the ice you cannot use the periscope. When they asked me if I wanted to see a torpedo tube I didn’t realized I had no clue how they worked. Most people overlook this seemingly simple system, but when you take a moment and analyze it you will realize it is quite complicated. I hope this is the level of detail you were hoping for in the submarine series, because this is what gets me excited. I haven’t decided which video is next but I’ll tell you this, I did not know one of the methods they use on board to make oxygen. Anyways, thank you for watching the series and please consider subscribing if you feel like this is worthy of your time. I don’t know if you’re the type of person that likes to share videos with other people, but I would appreciate it if you could pass the submarine series on to a friend or two. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to people who support Smarter every day on Patreon at . I am thankful for the support, and the next video has a special surprise for you, the Patrons.
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Spencer B
Spencer B 16 dagar sedan
That’s a lot of brass to shine.
snipe69 16 dagar sedan
@Axel Rohde drink your soy latte and stfu!
snipe69 16 dagar sedan
@The Thyme Cube This way they can reload at sea. Can't reload via the tubes unless you're in drydock
Nino 16 dagar sedan
@Axel Rohde What's wrong with the military? Research for the military entails new technology in the public sector. It's easy to sing "Kumbayah!", hold hands, and exclaim "let's melt guns and build bridges". But the truth of the matter is that weaponry, nuclear missiles, and guns are what keep us safe. Research in those fields is crucial to prevent an adversary to gain an upper hand and ruin our way of life and freedoms that we protect.
F M 7 timmar sedan
The captain sneaks in to make sure they keep their answers simple and not go into details.🤫
Pieter 8 timmar sedan
That was far more complicated than I thought. Quite complicated.
vasant jats22
vasant jats22 10 timmar sedan
What happens if a fishy gets sucked in when the tube is sucking in the water 😂
D Vick
D Vick Dag sedan
I cringed as he crawled down the torpedo tube and I'm claustrophobic 😵.
Larry Booth
Larry Booth Dag sedan
Extreme claustrophobia here. Please stop filming in such close quarters. I spent a lot of time building oil Bubble cap towers 16-in inside diameter 20 ft long. I freak every time you get into close quarters. LOL Smarter Every day is great sorry for freaking out. Claustrophobia is tough.
Super,vive la FRANCE vive la American.
Jaqueline Gomes
Jaqueline Gomes 2 dagar sedan
Destin: "a" *y e s s i r*
Oke Ihenacho
Oke Ihenacho 2 dagar sedan
Outstanding informative, smoothly presented video! 99/100. From the UK
Andre Els
Andre Els 2 dagar sedan
Wow that was very very cool, how many people on earth can say that they have been inside a torpedo tube 😳
Chris Krysa
Chris Krysa 3 dagar sedan
Oof that torpedo tube crawl was a littttllee freaky
king james488
king james488 3 dagar sedan
kinda sounded like he said "we send our torpedo men down there once a month for maintenance, so we die in the tubes every month."
BOO BOO 4 dagar sedan
16:36 ?. What did he say
KARENOS 4 dagar sedan
Fire him like a firework
Grant PP
Grant PP 4 dagar sedan
All I can think of rn: kapitan If ykyk
Kacy's Kastle
Kacy's Kastle 4 dagar sedan
16:12. The real question is if the person had closed the door and filled it up with water would he had shot out the front.
Kimiko Hart
Kimiko Hart 4 dagar sedan
why are all you smart youtubers always like, Astrophysicists or Aerospace engineers or something
Gin 5 dagar sedan
-oh can i touch it? -NO! *bum*
A-6M ZERO 5 dagar sedan
cole Cadwell
cole Cadwell 5 dagar sedan
They had great manners
Ilkanar 5 dagar sedan
Time to find STL files for that torpedo, wanna print it myself
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 5 dagar sedan
K B 5 dagar sedan
In the intro animation, I thought it was a Whale/Submarine smoking a blunt :D Great video series!
ROB A 5 dagar sedan
Bucket list box checked
chickensontheroof 6 dagar sedan
Destin: exists crew: yes sir
memeydoge 6 dagar sedan
caption of sub: I got an idea lets shoot him out smartereveryday: wait what? AHHHHHHHHHHHH
edgar medrano
edgar medrano 6 dagar sedan
Touches torpedo then asks if he can touch it.
NoriXa 6 dagar sedan
u realise that a Nuclear sub has an oxygen production system meaning that if u waste a bunch of oxygen when firing a torpedo it makes no diffrence.
GiMynus Gaming
GiMynus Gaming 6 dagar sedan
+999999 BRAIN CELLS!!!
Szabolcs Berky
Szabolcs Berky 7 dagar sedan
I am not even American, but I got to say, hats off to these guys makes even me proud of them.(I know makes no sense, never the less.)
andrew andrew
andrew andrew 7 dagar sedan
This « yes sir » Guy is so adorable
Vacuousbard 7 dagar sedan
If you were in an ww2 japanese navy you can even drive one! It was an one time job though.
ClintL63 7 dagar sedan
Modern day Navy uniforms look so fkkn SLOPPY!
ookar 7 dagar sedan
all chillin untill the tube starts firing
Don't Trust Me I'm A Pretzel
Don't Trust Me I'm A Pretzel 8 dagar sedan
the torpidoesman's mate saying "yes sir" all the time is so pure :))))
Deni keyo
Deni keyo 8 dagar sedan
yes sir
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph 8 dagar sedan
2:02 Alan Howel face little bit similar to Destin :))
joseph pennington
joseph pennington 8 dagar sedan
be safe gentlemen !!!!!!!
Danilo Metzger
Danilo Metzger 8 dagar sedan
Mind blown again...
Andi M
Andi M 8 dagar sedan
Hoped they have some fun with him and closed the door... :D
Gylastra !
Gylastra ! 9 dagar sedan
Yes sirrrrr!
Rix xy
Rix xy 9 dagar sedan
You couldn't pay me in gold to go down in there.
J L 9 dagar sedan
It's 11pm I'll go see if my gf wants her torpedo tube to be breached by my 9mm
SplashyIG Is a bot
SplashyIG Is a bot 9 dagar sedan
Touches live torpedo 😂
Adrian Griffin - Moore
Adrian Griffin - Moore 9 dagar sedan
I am going to be working in submarines when I get into the navy, so this was an interesting watch.
R4M_Nesi 10 dagar sedan
Shame is, i would like to join the navy, but my country is landlocked... :(
David Franco
David Franco 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me or that navy guy is eminem?
Fredrik Jagenheim
Fredrik Jagenheim 10 dagar sedan
Given an opportunity to crawl down a torpedotube on a 688 nuclear submarine I would disregard any feeling of claustrophobia. :D
pin9r 10 dagar sedan
The whole boat look quite complicated and irritating... cables, pipes, tubes, storage everywhere you look 😅
NooaJ 9 dagar sedan
it's a submarine, what else would it be
Dorian Peters
Dorian Peters 10 dagar sedan
How long does the process of loading, firing and making ready for the next torpedo take? (excuse my English)
Milk bot 19
Milk bot 19 10 dagar sedan
Plot twist: he is going to make one with the excuse of learning
Madden mobile guy
Madden mobile guy 10 dagar sedan
Yeah it was awesome until you close the door while you were in there.
Madden mobile guy
Madden mobile guy 10 dagar sedan
Plot twist. It starts filling with water with him in it
Timmy TheTechpriest
Timmy TheTechpriest 10 dagar sedan
“Gunner, fire torpedoes”
Keanu reeves
Keanu reeves 10 dagar sedan
Erich Mattingly
Erich Mattingly 11 dagar sedan
Everyone: “.....” Marine: “yEs SiR”
Rahmatullah Beekun
Rahmatullah Beekun 11 dagar sedan
Fascinating. Thank you for sharing
random guy from the internet
random guy from the internet 11 dagar sedan
very cool video ;)))
Father Larry
Father Larry 11 dagar sedan
If he was really annoying to the crew they could fire him.
Linadordis 11 dagar sedan
Shuts torpedo door and yelled there a man going to go splatter
Ryan Tobin
Ryan Tobin 11 dagar sedan
I actually got to crawl inside one myself and sign my name, super rank smell.
John Joseph
John Joseph 11 dagar sedan
at least he was able to partially write a D. so from now on when a torpedo launches from that tube, we'll be giving them the D
Ere 11 dagar sedan
I was thinking that a atomic u boot made their air using electrolyse. I was searching for it because i wanted too know if you can smoke there 😂
Randol Gonzalez
Randol Gonzalez 11 dagar sedan
This Video is Awesome!!!!
Diane Reid
Diane Reid 11 dagar sedan
The selective dungeon admittedly spare because structure unfortunately prick an a lumpy pail. spiteful, sophisticated cancer
Fabiola Pressler
Fabiola Pressler 11 dagar sedan
The sharp boy retrospectively steer because windshield quickly stay up a ragged lightning. erect, supreme tax
Stephen Borchert
Stephen Borchert 11 dagar sedan
Excellent explanation. I finally understand how it works even though I’ve read it before. Nice graphic!
DankerPlains943 11 dagar sedan
13:33 what happens to the water in the auxiliary tank?
Rebecca Laverty
Rebecca Laverty 11 dagar sedan
You know he could of closed the door trapping you inside
Meldz Ayo
Meldz Ayo 11 dagar sedan
german uboats still the beast and best crews
Radithya Haikal Ardhana
Radithya Haikal Ardhana 12 dagar sedan
Ugh, i really want to get in
vinocet 12 dagar sedan
I thought torpedos were smaller.
Joeseph Smith
Joeseph Smith 11 dagar sedan
No, they are huge. Most of the torpedo is the delivery mechanism.
Dzidzai Chidumba
Dzidzai Chidumba 12 dagar sedan
Seal Team episode.
Greg B
Greg B 12 dagar sedan
Claustrophobia would have stopped me long before the climb into the tube.
Jon Hare
Jon Hare 12 dagar sedan
I wish I'd have gotten to meet you when you were on Kauai. I've seen some cool stuff living here. I have a couple of friends on the helo that you flew on.
admiral 12 dagar sedan
*crawls into tube* "so big in here!" *door slams and tube gets ready for launch* AAAAAAAAAAA-
The MAD MAGE 12 dagar sedan
If barotrauma was like this then I'm pretty sure it'd be way too complicated for anyone to play even in 2D let alone a VR version.
i Love Cops
i Love Cops 12 dagar sedan
Buck Kienzle
Buck Kienzle 12 dagar sedan
Awesome videos!! It makes me feel even prouder and safer seeing the people in action that will fight for our freedoms. They're all just awesome, down to earth people doing their jobs but their job is to be heroes!
Scoobz187 13 dagar sedan
Next time go into that tube with an rebreather and let yourself lock out like the SEAL´s do. ^^
سامح محمد سعد سامح
سامح محمد سعد سامح 13 dagar sedan
VITAL FREE SOUNDS 13 dagar sedan
Full watched, always as it is, Great contents
james Gand
james Gand 13 dagar sedan
Why did I get the feeling they were gonna play a prank on him?
Kanan Akaji
Kanan Akaji 13 dagar sedan
I’m a local from Hawaii and when me and my friends were on the beach we saw that missile flying
Bronut Donut
Bronut Donut 13 dagar sedan
Me : shoots the Torpedo Rick Ashly : SaY GoOdBYe
Asher Bracker
Asher Bracker 13 dagar sedan
Odd question. Were does the excess water go after the secondary auxiliary tank gets filled up? Loved the video, hope you can see this!
Rodolfo Perales
Rodolfo Perales 13 dagar sedan
Theres prolly less than a hundred people alive that have been inside one of those torpedo tubes
Xtariz 13 dagar sedan
I hear the germans put their beer in their torpedo tubes...
Daniel Ainsworth
Daniel Ainsworth 13 dagar sedan
English plz
Kaan 13 dagar sedan
this video gave me so much anxiety... i got claustrophobia + thalassophobia
Joe Shin
Joe Shin 13 dagar sedan
after seeing a couple videos, you realize military people are very monotone lol no emotion~ just "yes, sir~ I guess so, sir~ sometimes that's all you can get, sir" lol I need to be more like this haha
Damien Robinson
Damien Robinson 14 dagar sedan
"what's so interesting about that is that they test missiles (anything that can be launched (including a thrown rock)) there but they also test torpedo's (something that can be launched)" omg really?
MGT › 14 dagar sedan
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir ! Poor moron.
Kashlor Webb
Kashlor Webb 14 dagar sedan
*See’s live torpedo* “I’m gonna touch it!” *Navy scrubs out the next conversation” HAHAHAHAHAHA
Blaster 14 dagar sedan
“Can I step on the torpedo nose?” “No.” Well what did you think? It’s a LIVE torpedo.
ronnie garland
ronnie garland 14 dagar sedan
The absent chef renomegaly deserve because thailand biosynthetically communicate for a grateful gratis vacuum. imminent, jolly stocking
Żmudzin 14 dagar sedan
Nice guy
Willyt Oppenheim
Willyt Oppenheim 14 dagar sedan
The aspiring hearing oppositely enjoy because eyebrow intermittently carve before a yellow hovercraft. crooked, charming salesman
ryan fryhling
ryan fryhling 14 dagar sedan
The dusty band emphatically drown because clover pharmacokinetically park excluding a necessary sword. obsequious, proud invention
Víctor León Rey Guerrero y Sarat
Víctor León Rey Guerrero y Sarat 14 dagar sedan
so cool
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