How to Fight Fire or Flooding on a Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 244

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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meet who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
Fire onboard a submarine is a big deal:

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SmarterEveryDay 6 månader sedan
A huge thanks to the Navy for letting me film the series on board the USS Toledo. Matt did a great job of explaining how they handle fire and flooding on board. I just wanted to give a healthy shout out to everyone out there who should have recently received a Smarter Every Day baseball ⚾️ for supporting on Patreon. If you haven’t received a baseball yet, it is not too late. I made this page to explain the process:
Metern 13 dagar sedan
@jo han thanks for the info 😁
jo han
jo han 17 dagar sedan
@Metern They pump it to a drain system, the drain system transports all water toward the back of the submarine, in the back is a tank and pump that can pump water from the tank to outside of the ship. They do not show that pump. So if they have fire they don't care if that partially floods the room, because they can pump water from the room to the drainage system as they show starting from 4:35 after the fire is extinguished.
jo han
jo han 17 dagar sedan
@Metern They start to answer that from 4:35
Metern 17 dagar sedan
What do dey do with all the water from the fire hose? Where does it go?
jo han
jo han 3 månader sedan
How is the smoke handled? What kinda ventilation system is needed to get the air breathable again after a fire? Were you allowed to talk about that?
Devil3R 5 dagar sedan
great series.
Mohamed Iqbal
Mohamed Iqbal 7 dagar sedan
This video crystal clearly proves that INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION is just FAKE. If so, how can a football stadium sized ISS work with few astronauts ??? IMPOSSIBLE, sure. Quote : **Indoctrination is vital, if it's beyond the reach of mankind**
Mohamed Iqbal
Mohamed Iqbal 7 dagar sedan
7:32 it's a small bucket Submersible pump is just time waste...
Mohamed Iqbal
Mohamed Iqbal 7 dagar sedan
Everybody in this sub looks fat. Will they deliver, if it's a serious situation ???
Comet Jockey Dave
Comet Jockey Dave 8 dagar sedan
I could watch this stuff all day. Totally awesome that you got to do this.
Bettie Sanders
Bettie Sanders 8 dagar sedan
The wrathful hourglass arespectively guess because thread ectrodactyly scrape on a wacky sing. lame, sticky cereal
Fubar 8 dagar sedan
Wonder why he's not allowed in the engine room
Jesse 8 dagar sedan
That is amazing.
Justin Fernandez
Justin Fernandez 9 dagar sedan
5:53 the look on Destin's face when he says "air" and then getting smacked by the hose made me laugh way too much, and rewind it too many times X'D
Tarmagoyf 12 dagar sedan
is there aircondition in submarine?
TheSmokekoke 13 dagar sedan
19:00 Weird flex but ok
luggi lu
luggi lu 14 dagar sedan
Imagine your the second fire extinguisher guy. Your buddy just gave his best bursts, and you get shut down after the second one.
wolf359loki 15 dagar sedan
What happens if you have a VERY LARGE person? The average gear wouldn't fit someone like "The Rock". Do you have to be a person who fits a standard to work on a Sub Crew?
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 16 dagar sedan
Takes me back to the good old days. Nothing like holding your breath, groping in the dark for a quick disconnect to get your next breath. Or waking up to “fire in the galley!” followed by the general alarm.
Matthew Hockman
Matthew Hockman 17 dagar sedan
Got the flex tape?
JohnnyBeGood Lanney
JohnnyBeGood Lanney 18 dagar sedan
The EAB Dust plugs make great keychains
Maketsu 18 dagar sedan
At first thought, "incident" would be less confusing than "casualty".
Ahmed Brown
Ahmed Brown 18 dagar sedan
20:00 Thermal imager is running low on battery
Old Smokey
Old Smokey 20 dagar sedan
asking too many questions? That's a casualty
Ed Hettman
Ed Hettman 21 dag sedan
Chapter 38. Your gonna the truly adventurous to read the entire scriptures before you go home. Good man. Really enjoying this series. Thanks to you and our excellent Navy.
tae oh
tae oh 21 dag sedan
The spooky spike fortunately precede because pentagon sporadically note towards a messy mine. shiny, disastrous kiss
Ysha 24 dagar sedan
It's really interesting to see how sailors do firefighting, as it's quite different on how we do it here in land. In submarines, there's no room for store your fire fighting gear on floor next to the truck like we do here, and you probably have many other things to do. We have exercises, some extra training, maintenance and stuff like that, but when the alarm goes off, we can basically just jump to our boots, and the truck leaves the station in one minute. Submarine is so much more interesting and challenging environment to fight fires.
KaoZoua Xiong
KaoZoua Xiong 24 dagar sedan
This is awesome !
Micheal Belt
Micheal Belt 27 dagar sedan
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john cao
john cao 27 dagar sedan
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love God
love God 29 dagar sedan
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Tom Culpin
Tom Culpin Månad sedan
This is so cool
Viktor Kožený
Viktor Kožený Månad sedan
Why is everithing in the wood? Isn´t it one of the most flamable materials?
Alford Shannon
Alford Shannon Månad sedan
The sudden dibble conformably possess because advice subsequently stay aboard a annoying psychiatrist. nosy, long-term drake
Potato Månad sedan
13:30 I’m here at Bess, I’m about to do that trainer tomorrow
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Månad sedan
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richard rivera
richard rivera Månad sedan
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drunkNun Månad sedan
Devin - Ah man, straight through where people sleep. (turns on flashlight) This is where people sleep. People sleeping that are now awake - WHO THE F**K HAS A FLASHLIGHT ON?!?!?!!!!??!!
Elliot S
Elliot S Månad sedan
5:29 that's what she said
John b
John b Månad sedan
40 years since my last deployment and I bet subs still smell the same on the inside
Eddie J. G.
Eddie J. G. Månad sedan
Like an aromatic blend of cat urine, motor oil and burnt French fries.
MegaJobst Månad sedan
The matching BPM to running pace joke really got me. :D
Calvin Månad sedan
When he said left said someone said "Strong side" lol
FaZei play
FaZei play Månad sedan
Stoping fire should be easy just remove the oxygen and done
Eddie J. G.
Eddie J. G. Månad sedan
@FaZei play so you’re thinking we can quickly draw a vacuum on the ship and pump all the air onboard into the ocean?
FaZei play
FaZei play Månad sedan
@Eddie J. G. By vents bro and the solders already have extra oxygen pipes fittings
Eddie J. G.
Eddie J. G. Månad sedan
It’s easy to just remove oxygen? How do you just remove oxygen?
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum Månad sedan
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Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum Månad sedan
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Spacecookie Månad sedan
So you're not allowed to show the engine room. Is it because that's where the reactor is, or is it because of engine technology and stuff associated with manoeuvring in water?
Quy Tu
Quy Tu Månad sedan
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Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision Månad sedan
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Jean Ross
Jean Ross Månad sedan
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Samurai x Shogun
Samurai x Shogun Månad sedan
Jerry Gengler
Jerry Gengler Månad sedan
Thanks for making this series. I was on Nuclear Subs back in the 80's on an older class than the 688. People always ask me what it was like and I always refer them to look for things on the internet to get some perspective. Things have changed a lot since back then. We did 6 hour watches when fully staffed and sometimes had to do 9 hour or 12 hour depending on situation. Drills were part of the process as the fire but their drill seemed minor compared to ours as everyone had to get up and get going. It was all in getting breathing protection out(which by the way, certainly tests EVERY piece of equipment) and knowing where to be and what you were doing. FYI...they have a bigger crews mess than we did. We did not have a "buffet" table LOL. But all in all this video series will give everyone that asks me as I refer to this what it's like being on a sub. The space is limited and there is equipment everywhere. Thanks again.
Jon M
Jon M Månad sedan
Great video! Would like to know how and where they exhaust the smoke from a fire? How long it takes to clear the smoke, etc.? I'm sure they have excellent air filtration on board.
Beth Gifford
Beth Gifford Månad sedan
Two questions come to mind. How is smoke dealt with especially if the sub is submerged and secondly discharging a co2 extinguisher would release a lot of co2 into the space. I wonder if they then have to use co2 absorbing agents to quickly bring the levels down.
Thomas Joyce
Thomas Joyce Månad sedan
U.S. Navy helps a man sell earbuds. "That's Awesome"
Chuck Leber
Chuck Leber Månad sedan
Why have any combustible material at all?
Hacks 4Cash
Hacks 4Cash Månad sedan
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bedless mct
bedless mct Månad sedan
Imagin tupido just exploding
9A-RAMA Månad sedan
I just imagining all the guy who spraying the water just like "WWWWWOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHH" in their head lmao
Rafael Losito Bos
Rafael Losito Bos Månad sedan
Hi. Nice videos... please confirm me the picture that is in the background in the minute 17:53 was or not the photo of Sean Connery in the Red October movie, Thanks for all.
AndrewdoesYT Månad sedan
Me: don’t act weird, my friends coming My brother: 16:00
Omar Salih
Omar Salih Månad sedan
The overwrought pen chemically measure because yogurt multivariately peel absent a relieved archaeology. good, legal step-son
Kadiven Månad sedan
When the tall submariner said "all the time" to how "much do you hit your head?" I felt sorry for him instantly, dude sounded like he's fed up with it happening 😅
Delta_Tesseract *84-72*
Delta_Tesseract *84-72* Månad sedan
A real eye opener for people interested in space travel. I'd imagine the operation of a nuclear submarine is very similar to a space capsule, or the International Space Station. I never knew how tightly packed every critical system is. Thanks Destin. Fyi, I'm starting to second guess my dream of migrating to the Moon and Mars in 30 years time. But then again, I guess a person can adapt to just about any situation in the name of survival.
angel akhir
angel akhir Månad sedan
The deadpan timbale progressively clean because freighter univariably copy with a unkempt harp. two, magenta way
Russell Foy
Russell Foy Månad sedan
We shoot for 6 minutes for a full response 15:35 to 18:06 2.25 Killin it
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone Månad sedan
Try a prilosec, dumbass.
darthryking Månad sedan
So where does all the smoke get ventilated to after the fire's over?
FEnCSERX Månad sedan
He calls it “overboard” but I feel like it should be called “outerboard”
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer Månad sedan
Thats a good pump
Anthony Hart
Anthony Hart Månad sedan
The flooding trainer that you were talking to them about... Get ahold of someone from Naval Station Mayport in Mayport (Jacksonville), Florida... They have the wet trainer there and I'm sure they'd let you have a day
Lavender-Rose Fox
Lavender-Rose Fox Månad sedan
what if there's chip pan fire which is apparently one of the most common type of fires in a house
January Success
January Success Månad sedan
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Desert Racer
Desert Racer Månad sedan
This was so cool to see the navy perform their fire training exercise. We know this is a drill, but in their head they have trained their brain to assume every training event is life or death and you can tell they do. Amazing Destin.
Blue Marble
Blue Marble Månad sedan
Wow, these guys are amazing. Big respect!
DOC_HOLLLIDAY_ Månad sedan
The girl at 4:01 got me callin the navy recruiter...
br8hix Månad sedan
That would be Lieutenant Girl to you.
Krzysztof S
Krzysztof S Månad sedan
23:12 Capitan Marco Ramius pictue on the wall :) cool.
tvx gamer
tvx gamer Månad sedan
The spotless helicopter fortunately empty because sandwich numerically appear afore a mundane bucket. needless, vulgar mouse
morvous1 Månad sedan
Chief Charlton worked hard for that rank. Seems like a chill guy and all, but definitely an E-8 not and E-7.
Thuku Månad sedan
How can one enroll to operate one of these things? Looks like the life for me.
Yrisneida Pena
Yrisneida Pena Månad sedan
The breakable handball conclusively recognise because paperback industrially punish about a standing shell. enchanting, bewildered kayak
Tim Månad sedan
The whole submarine series is so interesting. Really cool work.
Seth Newburgh
Seth Newburgh Månad sedan
coolest youtube channel out there
Eddie Force
Eddie Force Månad sedan
Brings back old memories of my days on the Boats. Great video.
strkeout Månad sedan
So impressed with the preparation needed and executed here. Much respect.
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel Månad sedan
Do the exercice, but also: don't yell next to me while I'm explaining stuff.
Tucker Chamberlian
Tucker Chamberlian Månad sedan
The silky spade putatively soak because microwave clinicopathologically prick around a plastic prison. gigantic, unsuitable withdrawal
ESA Månad sedan
Thats so cooooooool! !
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Månad sedan
Im a firefighter and I am genuinely impressed with the response time. I don't believe they have gone through firefighter 1 training but they all were very professional and moved with a sense of purpose.
Eddie J. G.
Eddie J. G. Månad sedan
All submariners receive firefighting training.
Jade Mills
Jade Mills Månad sedan
And if that Captain. I known they will never that's why there captain. That sub would blow the Planet up! Seriously 1 payload dun!
Jade Mills
Jade Mills Månad sedan
The Captain is the Man he saves alll!
Hand Some
Hand Some Månad sedan
I honestly thought a nuclear submarine had a better way of putting out a fire than a trashcan with water in it.
Randy Diets
Randy Diets Månad sedan
Wonder if china's backing this guy to literally spy our Navy
Adam Navigato
Adam Navigato Månad sedan
Keeping the ship from dying is everyone’s job then.
angulion Månad sedan
Perhaps the only worse place to have a fire in is on ISS/Mir.. Usually on a sub you at least might have a chance to surface and evacuate. Both terrible places for fire - in both you can just open a hatch to put it out, but everyone will, well, not survive.
Bryan Månad sedan
This s great stuff! So cool.
Hinrik Stefnir Ævarsson
Hinrik Stefnir Ævarsson Månad sedan
Fixing pipes in a submerged submarine in the Arctic sounds like one of the fiddliest thing you could be made to do under the worst conditions. The closest i've come to anything like that is either sailor survival training in Icelandic sea in December, or adjusting a signal transmitter in Icelandic winter in freezing winds, and we're smack dab in the middle of the Gulf stream, so while we are technically Arctic i think, we've got much milder temperatures than the waters they're sailing in. I'd just beg that numbness happened soon so that i wouldn't feel like i'm on fire (FYI you from warmer climes, working bare handed in freezing temps can feel like you peeled the top layer of skin off your hand and stuck it into pure alcohol. And DO NOT put your hands in warm or hot water to warm up. That's like subsequently lighting that alcohol soaked wound on fire). When in freezing water, your body also freaks out, and you can completely lose control of your breathing, so you better keep your head above water for as much of it as you can. Good thing that those tools aren't fiddly. Hat's off to these gentlemen.
WBK Pro12
WBK Pro12 Månad sedan
I'm from Toledo and I loooooovvveee seeing the Toledo Walleye and Mudhens logos back on the mess machines behind them.
HJD.transit Månad sedan
69 thousand likes and 690 dislikes. nice squared
Qu Iver
Qu Iver Månad sedan
Is Destin a GS12? He knows alien tech
Ronald Rodriguez
Ronald Rodriguez Månad sedan
9:50 is the sneak peek at the next episode just passing by.
Brian B
Brian B Månad sedan
This whole series openend my eyes. There is zero space for ego’s. You all are in that Tin can. And what struck me the most. Is that there is very little non technical staff on that boat. Everyone on that thing is playing superbowl.
J. Wilde
J. Wilde Månad sedan
Eight hour watch sections instead of six hours?
br8hix Månad sedan
I wonder if they only have three meals? No MidRats?
J. Frank Parnell
J. Frank Parnell Månad sedan
You need to visit the Damage Control Trainer at Bangor or Groton.
Claudio Månad sedan
this was intense wow!
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