How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
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Carol Cassidy
Carol Cassidy Dag sedan
@David Scott So what has Taiwan or China got to do with the American Navy? Why do you think it does? It's not simple, it's arrogant. This is exactly why America has become the most despised nation on earth. If you travel outside of the US, have you not noticed this. You have a great military, but a third world health service. It's a shame, you don't understand this.
David Scott
David Scott Dag sedan
@Carol Cassidy Isn't it simple? They use their power to control others, and they are taking over Taiwan. So the more power they get the more land they're going to take.
Carol Cassidy
Carol Cassidy Dag sedan
@David Scott Why do Americans have a problem with China? There are One and a half Billion Chinese people. There are 240 million Americans. Would you not expect them to have a larger navy than you?
L Parker
L Parker Dag sedan
@David Scott Lousy summary. Lousy comprehension. Lousy advice. 3 strikes, you're out...
Drion_086 Dag sedan
@David Scott Thanks for the advice! You are totally right :)
Kojo Mensah
Kojo Mensah Timme sedan
Each one teach one thank u for sharing this information on SEmost also for those that allowed you to be able to share this
Roger Walker
Roger Walker 2 timmar sedan
"the nuclear submarine deep dive..." I see what you did there lol
Save that Dollar
Save that Dollar 4 timmar sedan
Was this technology implemented with the German Uboats first?
Divyansh Maurya
Divyansh Maurya 6 timmar sedan
24:20 so that's exactly like our lungs and MEA is like our blood !
Google Crime
Google Crime 8 timmar sedan
Bad Gas ;p
Saad Alfouzan
Saad Alfouzan 8 timmar sedan
They should be called the Lung Team.
Saad Alfouzan
Saad Alfouzan 8 timmar sedan
They should be called the Lung Team.
Saad Alfouzan
Saad Alfouzan 8 timmar sedan
They should be called the Lung Team.
Claude Smoot
Claude Smoot 9 timmar sedan
This was very informative and fun to watch. I would never have thought burning a candle would create O2. SCIENCE!
thomas Burke
thomas Burke 9 timmar sedan
Excellent presentation.. but since most of us that watch you will never ever be aboard a sub.. how about compare this to what happens on a comerical jet aircraft transport ..
Karl Shaner
Karl Shaner 10 timmar sedan
Boy did that bring back memories.
Hans 10 timmar sedan
Clinkers are the common name for the waste after burning coal.
BFG 10 timmar sedan
Our O2 Generator had a King James Bible hanging from a chain, with “O2 Generator Emergency Tech Manual” written on the front.
David Hill
David Hill 11 timmar sedan
how often throughout the year do they find leaks with the sniffer?
TrueBagel 16 timmar sedan
Alternative solution, the top portion of the sub gets a glass container so its basically a greenhouse and you have a courtyard area with grass and plants and trees, When the sub is deep you will need alternative lighting for the plants tho. I think about 7-8 tree's make oxygen for 1 person so perhaps there are more efficient plants to utilize instead.
Walt Trotter
Walt Trotter 16 timmar sedan
Very interesting! But the air we breathe in the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, about 21% oxygen. Is there nitrogen in the submarine air?
Butch Garner
Butch Garner 17 timmar sedan
burn a candle and flatten the curve!
Arnav Bule
Arnav Bule 20 timmar sedan
Did anyone see Austin Evans in this video?
goodie 21 timme sedan
Just gives me anxiety just thinking about any type of leak in a sub 😂
George Kavanamur
George Kavanamur Dag sedan
Learned something today.
Anton Kozub
Anton Kozub Dag sedan
4:56 what an awesome chief haha
Billy Breakaho
Billy Breakaho Dag sedan
Or, hear me out, you can put a plant in each room.
Emilio Roman
Emilio Roman Dag sedan
why are their computers so old and slow?
Rapturnal Dag sedan
Kudos to everyone in there adding to the conversation. It's a great example of people knowing their part and why they do it. If I was their supervisor, I would be impressed.
Ant Dag sedan
"Nuclear submarine deep dive" :D
paul bk
paul bk Dag sedan
my nuclear submarine: Source water for oxygen generation came from distilled sea water > then input to oxygen generator (electrolisis). It's same source water for potable water throughout the boat.
paul bk
paul bk Dag sedan
Refrigerant leaks come from refrigerant systems/piping. Not water piping. This limits leak locations for human with 8th grade ed.
Seahorn Dag sedan
Why they dont ran out of air? Simply they open the window for some fresh air............
TheAbc45678 Dag sedan
Nice video. You made one mistake. At 22:17 you said "submariners" which you pronounced "submarEEners." This is a demeaning pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is with the accent on the second syllable and is pronounced "subMAIRiners." I made the same mistake and a US soldier corrected me.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Dag sedan
As much as I find this interesting I have to wonder if we are a bit too free with information now.
aMAX Dag sedan
Does anyone know what shelf is behind him?
fox lisowski
fox lisowski Dag sedan
The Answer: 26:00
Maaoya Al-samarrai | معاوية السامرائي
Maaoya Al-samarrai | معاوية السامرائي Dag sedan
So they use windows 7 on submarine 🤔
Driss DAIEF Dag sedan
Very intéressent subject..good continuation ..and thanks for explications..
Marcin Bałys
Marcin Bałys Dag sedan
4:35 This dude in background xD
HAL420 2 dagar sedan
Thats a pretty small nuclear submarine
Zac Crawford
Zac Crawford 2 dagar sedan
My dad was a nuclear welder on subs, kinda odd this is in my feed ion watch this stuff😭
Ac1dRe1n 2 dagar sedan
New idea, just grow a tree in each room 😂
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson 2 dagar sedan
They buy it from underwater vendors.
Gmon 2 dagar sedan
The boys in this sub are chill
Margoth195 2 dagar sedan
7:57 not to mention you will be left with a strong Sodium hydroxide solution when you are done.
Margoth195 2 dagar sedan
now I'm not claustrophobic but i don't think a nuclear sub is for me.
Steve Heck
Steve Heck 2 dagar sedan
This is when the numbnut like me says " wow, you make your own air".
J T 2 dagar sedan
what about all the methane and other gases produced onboard lol
Bentley Man
Bentley Man 2 dagar sedan
Dude, you're a gamechanger in SEmost history. I put all the respect there is on Mr. Dustin name. 😀
Flower_Tower 2 dagar sedan
mac mac
mac mac 2 dagar sedan
There goes my theory of subs having bonsai trees everywhere.
David Joseph
David Joseph 2 dagar sedan
Sincere thanks to all of you who serve in our military!
Omniscient Bare Bones
Omniscient Bare Bones 2 dagar sedan
The _real_ way you make oxygen in a Submarine is: “You just take the Carbon Dioxide out of the room, and then Freshen It Up a bit.” “So you’ll be breathing the same air for the rest of your life.”
Fidget the Zoroark Fossil Fighter
Fidget the Zoroark Fossil Fighter Dag sedan
Nice Portal reference
Dave Manley
Dave Manley 2 dagar sedan
So if they have to burn the candles every 2 hours and they stay under water for months at a time how many candles do they have to take with them?
TuiCatNZ 3 dagar sedan
Love the amber monitor.
Kishan Vyas
Kishan Vyas 3 dagar sedan
Great man, you just explain very easily
Alex T
Alex T 3 dagar sedan
I’m so pleasantly impressed how intelligent and polite those sailors are. greetings to 🇺🇸 from eastern Europe 👋🏻
Badir Souffront
Badir Souffront 3 dagar sedan
Oxygen candles 😱
Will Ford
Will Ford 3 dagar sedan
Ohio represent! O-H-!
Stuart Henderson
Stuart Henderson 3 dagar sedan
sodium chlorate.... isn't that stuff explosive?
Hawg Tied
Hawg Tied 3 dagar sedan
It's like a big mechanical dolphin that can't breathe from the surface.
Lord Starscream
Lord Starscream 3 dagar sedan
electrolysis, reverse osmosis, this is starting to sound like my biology class again
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins 2 dagar sedan
See, science is useful.
sauna guy
sauna guy 3 dagar sedan
Cause Doms let them breathe...
Vagabondo5591 3 dagar sedan
Probably much like the international Space Station doesn't run out of air!
Joseph Foote
Joseph Foote 3 dagar sedan
So, oxygen candles are basically underwater flares. Cool.
wa mulyati
wa mulyati 3 dagar sedan
I tried electrolize NaCl solution. Cant see any Cl2 present.
DBZ Kings2
DBZ Kings2 4 dagar sedan
Dow brain works so fast its hard to articulate and put all of his thoughts into words. Misunderstood and you're not alone brother 👊
Cole Knowles
Cole Knowles 4 dagar sedan
Smarter Everyday found boomhower
大疯吃 4 dagar sedan
When you running with the raycons and that ugly orange hat , just like a f**king idiot honestly. Yeah, that's true.
Bully Boy
Bully Boy 4 dagar sedan
Man I hated being stuck in a Bradley so I would go crazy if I was stuck in a military submarine
Bread Pebbles
Bread Pebbles 4 dagar sedan
I've been watching this guy for years but as I was rewatching things I just realized I'm not subscribed even tho I thought I was
Perdritto 4 dagar sedan
Great video! Thank you!
Flying Wingless
Flying Wingless 4 dagar sedan
Because they can always get more air?
Jamarcus Washington
Jamarcus Washington 4 dagar sedan
My senior chief lost his eyes due to an accident while working on the oxygen generator. It involves the use of an incredibly strong base which splashed his eyes. He was permanently blinded in seconds. To this day, I wear my safety glasses even when I’m working at home. Edit: it was the KOH that they add to the water for electrolysis that burned his eyes out.
Nathan James
Nathan James 4 dagar sedan
Don't commercial jets use the same oxygen candles when there is a rapid depressurisation.
Daniel Osko
Daniel Osko 4 dagar sedan
"F" Me Freddy..., THAT"S NEAT!!!! :)
Kili Kili
Kili Kili 4 dagar sedan
Haven't watched it yet but i reccomend adding plants in a submarine XD
Faysal Osman
Faysal Osman 5 dagar sedan
You videos is clearly explained and you showed us steps. Thank you so much.
Isaac 5 dagar sedan
Great video. Can you do us a favor and talk about the safety of the radioactive water Japan is planning to dump into the ocean?
spock 5 dagar sedan
CCP takes notes
Leonaldo Brum
Leonaldo Brum 5 dagar sedan
Devansh Trivedi
Devansh Trivedi 5 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does Dow from Ohio sound like Elon Musk?
Blue Six
Blue Six 5 dagar sedan
Unwraps candle, drops candle bits all over the floor.....clearly never eaten a Cadbury's flake or figured out putting a dust sheet or catch can down first might be quite effective 😉 interesting stuff albeit like being in prison with the added bonus of drowning or suffering asphyxiation on sailors farts. (Seamen farts just seemed to crude 🤣)
Dark Star
Dark Star 5 dagar sedan
‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬ ....and oh boy has this **** made money off murder
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams 5 dagar sedan
Out of the water runs voltage through it
graz ryan
graz ryan 5 dagar sedan
I’m just wondering how it was during world war 11 era.
paratimp 5 dagar sedan
Very interesting video. I still have a question: how did he get access in the submarine?
John Lemuel Santiago
John Lemuel Santiago 5 dagar sedan
Maybe the submarine has a air making machine like you are Saying how Space ship make air
Elias Binde
Elias Binde 5 dagar sedan
Please stop supporting raycon, they are a ripoff company selling terrible audio products at a ridiculous price compared to what they are worth... There are two pretty entertaining videos by DankPods that also cover the acoustic pretty well covering them.
henry louis
henry louis 6 dagar sedan
Depression af
Jerwin Palabao
Jerwin Palabao 6 dagar sedan
Wow I learn so much!!
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy 6 dagar sedan
I would have thought the process is more advanced, like splitting CO2 into Carbon and O2, but I guess there would be (more) byproducts in that process
Undercover Bush
Undercover Bush 6 dagar sedan
Because people eat beans 👁️👄👁️
napraznicul 6 dagar sedan
I'm asking did solved those problems german submariners from ww2 unterseeboot's?.. I know, they were staying submerged waay shorter period of time than those modern ones, but sometimes they are hunted and have to stay hodden for many many hours.. HOW they did manage to still survive?!
Bujuwaj 4 dagar sedan
look it up on google, they had the 1st machine destin showed
PJN P 6 dagar sedan
And in the days the cook makes italian food the sailors aboard produce alot of methane, useful if we ever run out of nuclear fuel.
D0lph1nn 6 dagar sedan
He reminds me of Elon Musk for some reason. I do not know why
Cris Bg
Cris Bg 6 dagar sedan
0:06 oh wow !! that's a nuclear submarine!? would have thought those are bigger...maybe fit a few people inside? or at least missiles? 😅😅
Jared Meadows
Jared Meadows 2 dagar sedan
They're fairly large - about a football field in length (362 feet long) and 30 feet wide, but every bit of that space is used for something, so the areas for the people are pretty compact.
Chino Latino
Chino Latino 6 dagar sedan
First time!!! Your channel is awesome!!!! Just suscribed!!!
Matt Watson
Matt Watson 7 dagar sedan
This is one the coolest videos I’ve ever seen
one sojourner
one sojourner 7 dagar sedan
Kudos to this sub crew and every sub serviceman!
Mike Vagg
Mike Vagg 7 dagar sedan
Is this candle, not the same as the canisters on an aircraft ?
Ignacio Garrido
Ignacio Garrido 7 dagar sedan
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alfie hood
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