HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour - United Launch Alliance) - Smarter Every Day 231

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2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines and competitors:
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ULA has a website named "Rocketbuilder". You can build your own mission based on payload and destination. It's fun to play around with it:
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Thanks for watching this video. I'm glad you're here. If you feel like this earns your subscription please click here: How this happened: I messaged Tory "If you ever find yourself with an open lunch I'll buy. No cameras, just rocket geek chat." A few months later he changed a flight one day so we could grab lunch, but he also carved out a couple of hours before lunch to give me a personal tour. He's as cool off camera as he is on camera. He allowed me to ask any technical question I had, and I never even got close to the limits of his understanding of rockets. His technical prowess is something I aspire to. We made a video on the second channel where I interview him about more specific things about rockets, as well as how he feels about competitors. 2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines, competitors, and business philosophy:
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Andrew Lam
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Matt Gray
Matt Gray 7 timmar sedan
Should be called dumber every day, because the broad and intricate knowledge that Destin has on so many subjects sure does me feel pretty dumb for not knowing it myself! Always a treat to watch your videos. Thank you
toastbrot21016 7 timmar sedan
Tory looks a bit like the dad of Scott Manley, doesn't he?
Matt Gray
Matt Gray 7 timmar sedan
Toxxic Dutchie
Toxxic Dutchie 15 timmar sedan
When you stop to think about what 40 rockets a year actually is, thats almost 1 every week. This factory can make more than 3 rockets a month. Thats absolutely insane
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 19 timmar sedan
hes so cool lol
RobotSpider Dag sedan
There's a lot of horrible stuff going on in the world right now. It's truly inspiring to know this symphony of science, technology, and commerce continues uninterrupted. I wish I'd had access to this type of video in highschool. It would have changed the course of my education and career.
Stacy Tyler
Stacy Tyler Dag sedan
Why are they doing on there Knees. Why not use a MOP?
A-Droid Dag sedan
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Afro Dieter
Afro Dieter Dag sedan
Tory looks kind of similar to Scott Manley.
Gabe & Ben Archibald
Gabe & Ben Archibald 2 dagar sedan
Gort Newton
Gort Newton 2 dagar sedan
Amazing that some countries are building rockets to get people and payloads (satellites) into space, while other countries can barely feed their people.
Aye pal 313
Aye pal 313 2 dagar sedan
Tory keeps actual people in the manufacturing loop. I like that
SHIH WEI CHEN 2 dagar sedan
Don't understand a single thing but I feel smart just having this video playing on my screen.
michael 2 dagar sedan
This video shows exactly how a CEO should be. Professional but human enough to have time for others, whilst loving what he does
Mihai Duma
Mihai Duma 2 dagar sedan
The fact that the CEO explains every single detail about the factory is stunning but the way Dustin understands those things so easily amazes me even more.
Angus Keenan
Angus Keenan 2 dagar sedan
Ever heard the phrase kid in a candy store?
Clint Jay
Clint Jay 2 dagar sedan
Oh now that's a guy I want to work with. Anybody got any idea how I can go back 35 years and give it a shot?
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 3 dagar sedan
21:17 it's 'next year' now, can we get a number? :P
Hal Faber
Hal Faber 3 dagar sedan
So cool thank you man you could just see the passion and the pride on that CEOs face when he was talking to you it was like all the business and all the bs fell away and what he actually started in this for was shining through which I think is real similar to your intention with
R Dixon
R Dixon 3 dagar sedan
ha ha ha all i had to do was say enhance 🔍enhance 🔍enhance 🔍and the i could see everything 👽
GT09n 4 dagar sedan
Why can’t you show the stuff?
Anuraag korchipati
Anuraag korchipati 4 dagar sedan
I'm was doing finite element analysis couple of weeks ago. It's easy, if you know what your doing. Or it's boring
Alfredo Linguini
Alfredo Linguini 4 dagar sedan
35:06 who ordered Taco Bell?
christian franco
christian franco 4 dagar sedan
Excellent video. It's always amazing when a CEO knows what's going on on the manufacturing floor.
69lob 4 dagar sedan
Amazing video!! Thanks.
Tyzon Edition
Tyzon Edition 4 dagar sedan
Now I'm just waiting anxiously for Destin to start making his very own rocket :D
Frooshantay 5 dagar sedan
29:40 peekaboo!
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall 5 dagar sedan
This guy makes me smile without being funny
mahnoor mukhtiar
mahnoor mukhtiar 5 dagar sedan
i will be owner of rocket company soon.
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh 5 dagar sedan
This is just Amazing, I loved watching and learning so much from it
Carson Paar
Carson Paar 5 dagar sedan
i get the strongest feeling that the CEO cares more about the people that work for him than any other CEO
Talha Ijaz
Talha Ijaz 5 dagar sedan
Now thats a CEO you want
george kurgansky
george kurgansky 5 dagar sedan
That hour flew by! Incredible! Just incredible!
Arnold Loudly
Arnold Loudly 6 dagar sedan
"No no no no, Destin.....whilst you are certainly much cooler, man..." "Yeah, but, I bet my Geek is bigger than your Geek....yeah, maybe not......"
Arnold Loudly
Arnold Loudly 6 dagar sedan
"When All About Are Losing Theirs...' - America, this is a man you can be truly, truly proud of....2 men, I mean to say....
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 6 dagar sedan
The lame theater relevantly wipe because success noteworthily peel in a square plot. wrathful, daily deal
john shu
john shu 6 dagar sedan
i feel like 3d printing rockets would be much easier
Bernhard Ehm
Bernhard Ehm 7 dagar sedan
Tory Bruno is an amazing and seems to be very funny guy non the less
Stephanie Carver
Stephanie Carver 7 dagar sedan
this was an awesome video. Thank you
David Torres
David Torres 7 dagar sedan
Cool video!!!
Joshua Coulton
Joshua Coulton 7 dagar sedan
Ive watched this about 4 times now. So interesting
Kalan Mccowan
Kalan Mccowan 8 dagar sedan
Amazing video, possibly the coolest CEO ever giving you a tour and understanding every single part of construction.
KMalley 8 dagar sedan
this is awesome!
TheJarrad 9 dagar sedan
I noticed the CEO referred to the diameter of the vulcan in metric and not imperial. Is there a reason for that?
Jim Sagubigula
Jim Sagubigula 6 dagar sedan
Yes, no serious scientist ever uses imperial.
arara barara
arara barara 9 dagar sedan
“Careful, those edges are sharp” "Really? Hold my beer!"
Torr Medan
Torr Medan 9 dagar sedan
The icky bead oddly type because dredger ultrasonographically look with a upset congo. reflective, amazing stem
Neil Bradon
Neil Bradon 9 dagar sedan
Wow you guys really hit it off. One of your best videos.
VorticoseComb1 9 dagar sedan
ok... this guy is pretty awesome
Justin Newcomb
Justin Newcomb 9 dagar sedan
It's amazing how a simple man with a camera has better production quality and educational abilities than networks on cable television do with a $9M budget...
Matzi 9 dagar sedan
wow. just wow!
Audie Farmer
Audie Farmer 9 dagar sedan
Tory 2024 seems fair. Lions led by donkeys doesn't.
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 9 dagar sedan
I ordered the 3 motor cybertruck & plan to buy the S dual motor too..I have enough solar & battery back up system to charge them both. I love Space X too.. to the moon & MARS WE GO000ooo!! i'm also the long time TSLA investor..
I am a ROKOT manson
I am a ROKOT manson 8 dagar sedan
Evildoctor Porkchop
Evildoctor Porkchop 9 dagar sedan
hey Destin it's about a year since this video . Remember to ask Tory about the lightweight orthogrid percentage . 21:16
Aaron Thorhammer
Aaron Thorhammer 10 dagar sedan
Compare this guy to Mark Zuckerburg testifying before the Senate.
Mike Harris
Mike Harris 10 dagar sedan
I've watched this many times... so freaking cool! and a CEO that is an engineer and knows his stuff is amazing.
Shaurya Dawra
Shaurya Dawra 10 dagar sedan
This is simply amazing......
Gordon Petten
Gordon Petten 10 dagar sedan
Man, I have that attention to detail, but I didn't finish school, so now I'll make sure your burgers are perfect because there's no outlet in society for me to move up without conventional learning...
sweatybird 10 dagar sedan
You know I never know what’s going on but he makes me feel like I’m smart
Alexander Innes
Alexander Innes 10 dagar sedan
long, but worth it, Thank you
Melody Srikanth
Melody Srikanth 10 dagar sedan
Verified channel with only 1 subscriber? :O
David B.
David B. 11 dagar sedan
Super cool vid
Yoga 11 dagar sedan
the ceo look like jeff bezos of rocket
Volodymyr Havrylov
Volodymyr Havrylov 11 dagar sedan
What a wonderful trip, thanks!
Bhokolate Bhip Bookies
Bhokolate Bhip Bookies 11 dagar sedan
I hit her in the trap in Decatur she basic
truthandjustice righteousness
truthandjustice righteousness 11 dagar sedan
Thank you, Destin!!!! Learned so much! Thank you, Mr. Tory Bruno, for taking the time and allowing Destin the tour. Mr. Bruno was definitely impressed with your knowledge. Seeing both of you go back and forth just like old friends would do. So relaxed and much respect from both sides. Destin, you will reach your goal and surpass it. Keep studying and asking questions and please keep doing videos so I and others can come alongside you and learn also. God bless.
GunQuickie 11 dagar sedan
Listening to this guy talk makes me realize how dumb I am.
Oscar Ekerborn
Oscar Ekerborn 11 dagar sedan
Love this content, keep up (:
amf1717 11 dagar sedan
This is fascinating and amazing. I’d be interested in seeing the difference in the way they build rockets today as to the technology of the 1960’s and building the Saturn V rocket.
J Gentry
J Gentry 12 dagar sedan
In a nerdy, filled with 'wow' way this has been a fantastic 54 minute ride, Thank you!
-- 12 dagar sedan
Do you know how much it costs to own a space exploration company.
Ruben 9 dagar sedan
Multiple billions of dollars thats the simple answer. Given there are only really 2 maybe you could argue 3 its a hard one to qauntify. ULA is a goverment subsidezed defense contractor not a pure play space exploration company like SpaceX or Blue Orgins that are privetly funded by private billionaires with essentially limitless funds
RuDy ZeNsKy
RuDy ZeNsKy 12 dagar sedan
Tour of spacex when ?
noise hater
noise hater 12 dagar sedan
14:21, those cleaner guys do their job very honestly, even though they look like little bit tedeous in this machine age. I will do my best in my job even though machine can be better than me at it. ...but I don't wanna be a sextoy though...
Tilak Rajput
Tilak Rajput 12 dagar sedan
Sweet home ALABAMA
Leny Tijam
Leny Tijam 12 dagar sedan
Forest Ferrer
Forest Ferrer 12 dagar sedan
Tip, shaft, two things on the side that go on the side that carry the payload. Then you're ready to thrust.
Anthony DeAngelo
Anthony DeAngelo 12 dagar sedan
Loved this video! I love the way you get along with everybody that your interview! I started watching smarter every day with the sub videos of the USS Toledo! I was blown away and I am really impressed by your knowledge and your ease at explaining it to the layperson! I am medical but I have no background at all in Engineering. I love the way they really get a kick out of your knowledge also and it makes easier for them to explain! Enjoy yourself man you really really look like you’re having a great time and I am enjoying it too! Thanks!
Das Deutsch
Das Deutsch 12 dagar sedan
Get her a Herman Miller chair! Get rid of the crappy red roller chair.
Charles Brian
Charles Brian 12 dagar sedan
Get back in to the torpedo tube, Butter's, and don't come out untill our hero, Mr. Hoagland has received his stimulus check from, Mr. Perot, on the Atlantis rocket!
Simply Acoustic Lessons
Simply Acoustic Lessons 12 dagar sedan
Every CEO of every company worldwide should watch this video and take note of the passion, dedication, and process and technical knowledge of this guy.
David Whang
David Whang 12 dagar sedan
The unbiased bestseller accidentally rejoice because amount descriptively encourage through a boundless coin. rude, symptomatic map
rohit pal
rohit pal 13 dagar sedan
Mr. CEO was very cool.... I liked
wouladje cabrel wen
wouladje cabrel wen 13 dagar sedan
Wanna do my internship there so amazing
Maureen Mendoza
Maureen Mendoza 13 dagar sedan
The green grey grieving single ostensibly hope because soccer timely try apud a cultured supermarket. spiffy, breezy print
The Galactic Time Traveler
The Galactic Time Traveler 13 dagar sedan
Dude you're awesome! You're just so genuine in your interest you can see the people around you just instantly see that and connect with you. Keep putting out the great content!!
Prince Pritam
Prince Pritam 13 dagar sedan
Thanks for making rocket science DIY 😊
Fabiola Pressler
Fabiola Pressler 13 dagar sedan
The big step-uncle immuhistochemically attend because airport mainly blind lest a craven arm. creepy, likeable swing
Bob Evans
Bob Evans 13 dagar sedan
17:54 she almost look like Jodi larratt
Carter Dodge
Carter Dodge 13 dagar sedan
Her reaction when he pointed the camera at her on the golf cart 😋😋😋😋😋
Vito Amos
Vito Amos 13 dagar sedan
going up !
TIBDREN FPV 13 dagar sedan
Im dying to understand how the dome is being welded on without deforming..
skywatcher Santos Dumont
skywatcher Santos Dumont 13 dagar sedan
Amazing! Is like an assembly line on a Perry Rhodam's plant. Ad Astra.
kurt Mora
kurt Mora 13 dagar sedan
The absorbed radiator individually snore because snail theoretically whine apud a succinct editorial. general gentle, ready raft
Dark_ aura74
Dark_ aura74 13 dagar sedan
It looked like you were a kid that got to see the worlds largest candy factory
pat ohara
pat ohara 13 dagar sedan
This guy and ULA are getting eaten alive by SpaceX. ULA won’t be around in 10 years
shimshi2003 13 dagar sedan
I love how the CEO proud of he's humen work source
Edgar Acosta
Edgar Acosta 13 dagar sedan
This by far was the best I’ve watched so far, amazing and the scale was mind blowing
ThornsOfOurTime 13 dagar sedan
this was amazing, thank you
Damien Robinson
Damien Robinson 13 dagar sedan
@SmarterEveryDay Remember 21:10
mahesh kumar
mahesh kumar 14 dagar sedan
That's not a factory it's a city
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong 14 dagar sedan
They use the CEOs head to polish the parts
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